The Most stupid competitions and festivals around the world
  In the UAE held a beauty contest among the camels. It was attended by over 10 thousand camels from different parts of the Persian Gulf. For participation in competition…

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Portuguese carnival! –
  It is believed that Portuguese carnivals gave life to one of the most famous holidays in the world of dance — Brazilian carnival. But unlike the Brazilian carnival that…

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Where to go in August: holidays and festivals around the world

In August, before the tourist opened many opportunities for travel, so the choice is not so simple. It is best to understand the traditions and culture of local holidays. So the question “where to go in August,” we boldly answer – for holidays and festivals!

The Burning Man Festival

Translates literally this event as “burning man” and represents more than a festival, a social utopia that unfolded in a desert area of Nevada. Declared 10 principles in accordance with which the city lives, consisting of 45 000 participants of the Burning Man festival.

The participants will present their works of art, often unusual and fantastic, however, as their clothes. Artists arrange performances and dances. At several venues DJs 24 hours a day they play music.

Each participant needs to find their own food, meals, lodging and other vital things. Thus, at the end of the holiday, from the host of the party should not remain also a trace. On the last day of the festival suit set fire to a wooden man – Burning Man symbol.

Where to go . the desert of black Rock, Nevada, USA

When . the last Monday of August to the first Monday of September

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Travel to Ukraine: the Most vivid festivals, concerts and events this fall WoMo

Summer is over, but that’s no reason to be sad, especially because this fall you will find a huge variety of festivals and cultural events in Ukraine. We have selected for you the events where you can go on a trip with the whole family, and which prove that the fall — is not a time of sadness!

Family winemaker

And we start with the festival, which will take place not far from the capital, near Kiev, in the ecological complex “Valley of ostriches.” The originality of this festival is that participants press their own wine as a family, group of friends or colleagues. On this day, the territory of the ostrich farm comes to life: music, dancing, and ate delicious food. Guests will be able to assess the quality of the wine of the previous years, to participate in quests, games and dance workshops, and also to follow the ostrich and pig races.

When: September 16-20

Chernihiv Jazz Open

Chernihiv Jazz Open — this progressive festival, where he performed as a professional jazz bands from Ukraine, and teams from many other countries. On Friday, September 18, festival guests will hear Continue reading

The Best carnivals of the world

Carnival is a holiday, the main signs of which are colorful costumes, theatrical processions, loud music and merriment. It has the same roots, preserved from the times of paganism, and our Carnival, namely: both holidays is a farewell to winter and welcoming the spring. Later carnivals spread in Catholic countries. They were done in anticipation of the Great (Easter) lent, combining high Jinks with copious meal in anticipation of significant limitations in food (the word “carnival” comes from the Latin “carnem levare” to remove the meat). The first carnivals appeared on the territory of modern Italy with the emergence of large independent cities, and then in France and Germany. Today the carnival is associated by many of us in the first place, with Brazil, namely Rio de Janeiro, where he reaches unprecedented proportions.

Carnival in Rio is a festival for all generations and is the main event of this city. Overall, this parade of schools incendiary Samba belongs to the world’s largest holidays. This year the main part of the carnival of Rio de Janeiro will be held from 18 to 21 February. In the main part of the programme on 19 and 20 February will be attended by the representatives of the elite Samba schools.

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