Holiday Scenario "Goes the summer on the planet
  Objective: to Create a joyful, emotional mood and contribute to the development of the desire to engage in physical exercise, music and dancing. Objectives: Develop agility, speed of movements,…

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The VIII international children festival "let's Change the world for the better
  16 active, energetic children from the city of Minsk took part in the VIII International children's festival "let's Change the world for the better!", organized by all-Ukrainian Fund of…

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Hinamatsuri – girls holiday


On March 3 in Japan there is amazing and very beautiful holiday Hinamatsuri (doll Festival) or girls Holiday. Hina is a little paper doll.

To this day in every family, where there is a girl, arrange a special exhibition of dolls Skins (human image). The dolls put on a special stand hinamatsuri, similar to the slide and consisting of 3, 5 or 7 steps and covered with scarlet cloth.

At the top, amid the gilded folding screens, giriama pair dolls of the Emperor and Empress in ceremonial robes of brocade or silk. The Empress in dvenadcatiletnej clothes – 12 kimono. This is the most expensive and beautiful dolls in any collection. On either side of them are the lanterns, and the middle tray with the sacred tree, decorated with paper festoons. At lower levels of the dolls are ladies that hold supplies for pouring sake; musicians performing ancient Japanese court music gagaku, they sing, play the flute, pounding the drum; Ministers and officials, bodyguards and servants – a total of at least 15 dolls. All dolls are dressed in ancient ceremonial outfits. At the sixth and seventh steps of the Palace exhibited objects of everyday life (miniature furniture, a sedan, a wagon, boxes, utensils and food).

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Bulgaria – Holidays and festivals

Bulgaria — an Orthodox country living in the Gregorian calendar. In common with the Russian Orthodox Church is only the date of Easter and all other holidays conform with the Catholics.

Holidays and folk customs — an integral part of national cultural heritage. They are related to lifestyle and economic activity, mainly agriculture.


1-2 January-New year. Baptism (6). January 8 — «Indian day”. Women replace men in their traditional leisure activities (parties and circles), men sit at home. The traditional feast, common to the Bulgarians and Northern Greece.

National Day of freedom and independence (3)


May day/labour Day (1)

Day of the Bulgarian army/ may 6 — St. George day and army day.

MA — the Day of the Cyrillic alphabet. Dedicated to the memory of educators Cyril and Methodius.

The Trinity Monday (day after Pentecost) the Feast of corpus Christi (approximately 8 weeks after Easter)

A celebration of unity (6) independence Day (22)

National flag Day celebration (26)

National Day of ever living leaders (1)

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Read to make the world a better place!

From 18 to 20 September in the Chuvash Republic has passed the international festival of reading for children and youth “to Read to make the world a better place”.

The festival is organized and conducted Chuvash Republican youth library with the support of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of culture, nationalities and archives of the Chuvash Republic, the Union of writers of the Russian Federation, the Chuvash Republic, the Republic of Tatarstan and Mari El Republic.

The first event of the festival was a press-conference with participation of children’s writers from G. Moscow, Tatarstan, Mari El Republic, The Chuvash Republic: Dmitry Rogozhkin, Olga Zlotogorski, Julia Kuznetsova, Robert Minnullin, Boris Weiner, Natalia Belyaeva, Sergei Pavlov, Raisa Sarbi, Nicholas Agendia, Galina Bergalis, Dmitry Suslin, Helen Bright, Valentina Silver, Ellen Nabi, Marina Karjaginii, The ILGA Onomichi.

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