Travel to Ukraine: the Most vivid festivals, concerts and events this fall WoMo
Summer is over, but that's no reason to be sad, especially because this fall you will find a huge variety of festivals and cultural events in Ukraine. We have selected…

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Venetian carnival
  Hotels, apartments, houses full to bursting with visitors, and some of them even come here for a few weeks before, to be able not to miss the most spectacular…

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The Most unusual rituals of the peoples of the world

In the world there are many countries, but even more in the world of different nationalities and cultures. We can say that all people are the same, but actually anywhere in the world you can find something that will surprise us or shock. Most of us carry strange customs of other Nations. It is about them, and improbable at first glance, the rituals we now describe.

“Spartan” selection

Interesting is the custom of “hardening” neonates born to Muslim population of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Local residents for the past five centuries shed their babies with special ritual wall 15 meters high. According to those who observe this tradition, so they provide health and success in later life. It should be noted that children do not fall to the ground below them caught in the stretched fabric.

Dirty wedding

In rural areas of Scotland remained a very strange custom to smear the bride in the products. In particular, before the wedding the girl coated with all sorts of rotten eggs, sauces, fat or flour. In different regions of the “ingredients” may be different, but the main criteria for their selection are stickiness and unpleasant smell.

The thrill

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Unusual holidays July

Some holidays like each other as two drops of water from year to year repeats the same thing. You get used to them and celebrate them always with the same script, the same characters. But sometimes want something special, right? Today we introduce you to the most unusual holidays July.

Every year on 4th of July in Finland is very interesting holiday – championship drag favorite women . The rules are simple – a man takes his beloved on the back, as long as the woman does not touched the ground. This tradition is taken from the Vikings. Imagine how in this day Finn jealous of all other women.

In Michigan (USA) July 5 that passes for 37 years, the international championship spitting cherry pits . This unusual and funny holiday attracts residents of neighboring States. It all started with the fact that in 1974 the company Tree-Mendus Fruit, specializing in the cultivation of cherries, decided to draw attention to their products. The task of the participants of the event – to “outdo” the incredible record of 280 metres, which established in 2003, Brian Krause .

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Unusual holidays in the calendar

People who are used to their culture, holidays of other Nations seem to be amazing, and often strange. To understand the traditions of other people you just have to try not to limit yourself to just their culture.

However, a series of events and competitions, typical of those or other Nations, is truly amazing and unusual, which will be discussed below.

It is worth considering that many of the competition so unusual and fun that they resemble more festivities, because the victories are not as important, participants are much more fun to relax and just talk.

International pirate day. This holiday, though born in the US, has spread thanks to the Internet worldwide. Now every year on 19 September can be found in different parts of the world people in bandanas and blindfolds in that unusual pirate speak the language, interspersing the words of the familiar “p”, “damn”.

World Cup mugs. And once again, a celebration invented by the English, and it shall be held in the town of Egremont. Some data suggest that competition has arisen in the distant 1297, held here at the crab fair. The celebration continues in our days, becoming an international and annual passes in September. Legendary Champions is a Peter Jackson, who for the sake of owning the title Continue reading