The 3 most important events of the autumn in Perm Krai
  This year was reduced funding for several cultural projects of the Kama region. In the case of "Saw", for example, from the festival had to be abandoned altogether. However,…

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The Most beautiful places in Bulgaria
The very name of Bulgaria makes the picture beautiful and Sunny country. Golden beaches and picturesque mountains, pristine lakes, and lush hills, ancient cities and monuments, magnificent cuisine and wines,…

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The Most unusual rituals of the peoples of the world

In the world there are many countries, but even more in the world of different nationalities and cultures. We can say that all people are the same, but actually anywhere in the world you can find something that will surprise us or shock. Most of us carry strange customs of other Nations. It is about them, and improbable at first glance, the rituals we now describe.

“Spartan” selection

Interesting is the custom of “hardening” neonates born to Muslim population of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Local residents for the past five centuries shed their babies with special ritual wall 15 meters high. According to those who observe this tradition, so they provide health and success in later life. It should be noted that children do not fall to the ground below them caught in the stretched fabric.

Dirty wedding

In rural areas of Scotland remained a very strange custom to smear the bride in the products. In particular, before the wedding the girl coated with all sorts of rotten eggs, sauces, fat or flour. In different regions of the “ingredients” may be different, but the main criteria for their selection are stickiness and unpleasant smell.

The thrill

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Youth rating of the year has identified the most striking events of Transcarpathia


Defined the best of the best in 2009, according to the youth

The end of the year – time results, analysis and generalizations. According to many Transcarpathians, 2009 will be something to remember, because interesting events and activities of the regional level was much.

In a friendly dispute the creative team of the magazine “StudLife” as to which of fests, parties or promotional projects can be considered the best, he had the idea to create their own ranking.

Who cared, joined the sponsors (national discount network “Ukrainian student card”, “Student Republic”, the Corporation of the holidays “did Not understand”, the student Council the Carpathians, Transcarpathian League of KVN, etc).

Thus, in the framework of a long-planned competition “the Best student” there was another event – the first “Youth rating”.

Regarding the project. This year he covered 5 categories and 5 special awards. Determined the winners, the panel of experts of the magazine “StudLife” and the contestants who had the opportunity to vote for fellow competitors.

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Autumn and eternal spring art


Ten invited wonderful capital artists will add the current “Boldino autumn” of bright colors. With so much anticipation we await the start of November 15, all-Russian Pushkin festival of Opera and ballet art. It will be held in the twenty-sixth time in their already established canons. And yet from year to year happen welcome surprises.

The debut of the Maestro…

The biggest current news is that we have to evaluate the debut Vladislav Piavko. What a debut it is possible to talk, if it is known in the world of the Maestro, once a leading tenor of the Bolshoi theatre, people’s artist of the USSR? All true, however, for the first time Vladislav Ivanovich carried out the mission of the artistic leadership of the Nizhny Novgorod festival.

He chairs the Foundation for the legendary singer and his wife Irina Arkhipova. As such a year ago participated with a team of associates in our “Boldino autumn”. Then was born the idea of closer cooperation with the Nizhny Novgorod academic Opera and ballet theatre. A. S. Pushkin. Authoritative master, has contributed to the decoration of his current festival program are several, as they say, a star in the Opera world figures.

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