How to get to the most interesting holidays of the world
  In the world there are many different holidays, some of which are very unusual and interesting. As, for example, the festival of colors in new Delhi. The festival of…

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Dubai shopping festival
Dubai shopping festival – it is a period of unique opportunities for shopping, entertainment and sweepstakes with incredible prizes. Opening the festival is always a colorful event with a bright…

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Valentine’s Day – the story of the holiday

The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day, aka Valentine’s Day, came to us from the West. The lovers on this day people give each other gifts, tender, Valentines, and, of course, a Declaration of love. Interesting history of this holiday.

The history of Valentine’s Day

There is a beautiful legend about the origin of Valentine’s Day. According to this legend, Claudius II — the Roman Emperor who ruled in the third century ad, was a staunch opponent of unions because they interfered with his legions to conquer the country. Therefore, the Emperor issued a decree that forbade to marry. Priest Valentine, contrary to the decree, all the same continued to secretly marry lovers. For this he was thrown into prison, after which he was sentenced to death. The young daughter of the jailer, seeing the priest and hearing his story, loved it. Valentin said her affection. But as seeing it was not possible, the lovers communicated through correspondence. On 14 February 270 years, the day of his execution, the priest sent his lover last love note with the caption «Valentine».

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TOP 10 most “dirty” of the world holidays

I think that to wallow in the mud like pigs and small children? So you have never participated in this festival of mud and no idea how fun and enjoyable! So for you we have prepared a selection of the best “dirty” holidays of the world

Mud Festival

San Antonio, TX, USA

A whole weekend of the second week of January, residents of the American city of San Antonio lying in the dirt. These days there is a small stream draining and cleaned dirt from the riverbed. Before guests tried not to come to the city at this time, but then someone from the city fathers came up with a good idea to turn a routine event in the festival, which has become a favorite among tourists. During the festival organizes many interesting events: running and football in the mud, the election of the king and Queen of Mud, exhibitions and even a parade of Dirt. And of course, anyone has the right peremeshatsya mud from head to toe.

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Hinamatsuri – girls holiday


On March 3 in Japan there is amazing and very beautiful holiday Hinamatsuri (doll Festival) or girls Holiday. Hina is a little paper doll.

To this day in every family, where there is a girl, arrange a special exhibition of dolls Skins (human image). The dolls put on a special stand hinamatsuri, similar to the slide and consisting of 3, 5 or 7 steps and covered with scarlet cloth.

At the top, amid the gilded folding screens, giriama pair dolls of the Emperor and Empress in ceremonial robes of brocade or silk. The Empress in dvenadcatiletnej clothes – 12 kimono. This is the most expensive and beautiful dolls in any collection. On either side of them are the lanterns, and the middle tray with the sacred tree, decorated with paper festoons. At lower levels of the dolls are ladies that hold supplies for pouring sake; musicians performing ancient Japanese court music gagaku, they sing, play the flute, pounding the drum; Ministers and officials, bodyguards and servants – a total of at least 15 dolls. All dolls are dressed in ancient ceremonial outfits. At the sixth and seventh steps of the Palace exhibited objects of everyday life (miniature furniture, a sedan, a wagon, boxes, utensils and food).

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