Unusual holidays July
Some holidays like each other as two drops of water from year to year repeats the same thing. You get used to them and celebrate them always with the same…

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Spiritual-creative international Festival
The first festival was a success, the place was very unusual - continuous hills-hills and fast, almost a mountain stream. And although the rain we often used to go it…

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Facts about the Venetian carnival


Known to all (the ignorant are we gonna get around)

Fun Catholic tradition

To walk in full before a Holy lent,

The risk of becoming prey to the evil one.

Sin no more safely, to repent later!

Without rank differences and decency

All to experience the rush and young and old:

Love, gluttony, drunkenness, masquerade.

These lines of Byron devoted, of course, one of the most colourful spectacles on Earth – Venice carnival.

The birthplace of carnival began in the IX-X centuries large independent European cities. First it was Italy: rich Venice was most conducive to the holiday. And the word “carnival” originally of Italian descent: carne – meat, vale – “farewell”. All because of the timing of the holiday, the first mention in the chronicle which refers to 1094. The last day of the carnival in Venice was called Fat Tuesday. Because the next day began a forty day fast before Easter.

Public holiday carnival made the Senate of the Venetian Republic in its decision dated 1296. By this time formed and its traditions, primarily associated with the wearing of masks. Thus were eliminated unshakable otherwise, the social framework, temporarily canceled everyday life tips. Under the mask and in the colorful costume could be anyone – rich or poor nobleman, a commoner, the daughter of a Doge or seamstress. Mask – bautta is allowed to sin incognito.

During the carnival in luxurious palaces were passing fancy-dress balls, who arranged a rich nobleman. Streets, squares and, of course, the canals of Venice was granted for the fun of ordinary people. Countless were acrobats and jugglers, as well as the merchants, who brought from distant overseas countries trained predators. Mobile shops were crammed with simple foods and sweets.

At the carnival of Venice nobility liked to play a very interesting game. Fifty comers were divided into two teams of 25 players each, and the area is in two halves. The goal of the game was to, giving each other the legs sewn from the skin of the subject, send it to a certain place on the territory of the opposing team… Learned? Of course, it was one of the ancestors of modern football!

The most popular Venetian masks were taken “rent” the characters of Commedia Dell’arte, in fact, a Comedy of masks. Almost all of them are presented in a classic Italian Comedy by Carla Gozzi (see “Truffaldino from Bergamo”; by the way, the final film is the carnival of Venice). Very popular Bauta, arranged so that its owner, not opening a person could eat and drink. Baotou, incidentally, was used by Giacomo Casanova.

Sometimes at the carnival of Venice meet the characters in the mask is pretty dark bird with a curved beak down. This is the Medico della Peste (the Plague Doctor) – a reminder of the terrible for Venice the years when the plague decimated the people by the thousands. This particular mask was worn while visiting his patients the doctors over there. “Bill” served as a container for aromatic oils and other odorous substances – believed that they protect from the plague… Why is this mask of death came to the gay carnival? Because death, even from the plague, — this is also life…

Conquered Italy in the late eighteenth century, Napoleon Bonaparte was aware that the carnival of Venice every time will remind the Italians confiscated from them about independence. Therefore it was cancelled. However, there is another view explaining the termination of the Venetian carnivals of their General decline. Anyway, but the rebirth of the Venetian carnival was held in 1979. However, on the national holiday of the inhabitants of Venice we have not discussed. Now this is a vivid presentation focused mainly on tourists. Helping to collect hard cash in the city budget of the city, which has a lot of problems.

Modern Venetian carnival lasts two weeks. Plus a few days before its official opening. The city begins to fill the romantics who come to Venice from all over Europe. The streets marching wandering orchestras and street theatres. The sound of the trumpets, the thunder of drums, songs at full throat, the booms of firecrackers… Traders rushing to put on the shelves all prepared in advance of carnival products, so everyone can choose their own outfit, as long as not stocked in advance.

The holiday begins on St. Mark’s square with the hymn, written by the great couturier Pierre Cardin. Then — the traditional view of Commedia Dell’arte, followed by a mass of confetti and a cloud of balloons. After the Grand opening begins the carnival of Venice, consisting of folk festivals, parade of expensive masks and costumes, concerts on the theme of past centuries. Lots of music, lots of wine. Elite, also traditionally gathered in an ancient Venetian palaces at fancy-dress balls. An unforgettable time!