Colorful festivals in the world


International festival “roof of the world” takes the form of an Open festival movement as the creative realization of the thoughts of today’s youth on the mission, priorities, targets, plans, problems and predictions for the future.

Despite the new borders of the state laws, there is one emotional and creative space in which all connected: people, their past and present, music, fashion, design.

The festival is supported by: Department of culture of Moscow, management of cultural and youth policy at CJSC in Moscow, Central Museum of the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945.

The main goal of the festival movement “roof of the world” – creating an information field for intelligent communication and capture the attention of today’s young people to relevant social issues, such as: tolerance, addiction, poor environment, social adaptation of invalids.

Project mission – to convey to the participants of the festival movement the idea of preserving the ecology of our planet, to prove that culture is a tool for the education of children, adolescents and young people, raising their cultural level and national identity.

International festival “roof of the world” is held since 2008 as the festival of carnival umbrellas, colorful musical show a demonstration in which the participants are hand-made unusual fantasy composition, the basis of which – an umbrella, made in traditional and modern techniques of decorative-applied art, using different materials. Festival participants can accompany their performances, to use the author’s projects of umbrellas in all categories, and the best projects will be presented at the Gala concert. In the awarding ceremony of the International festival “roof of the world’ preference is given to projects, used in his author’s works umbrella.

All participants were awarded with diplomas, prizes and gifts.

Download the guidelines and application form HERE or on the official website of the International festival “roof of the world” .

Festival – the competition “to Serve their Motherland!”

Open festival-contest “to Serve their Motherland” is in the form of display of creative works vocal, vocal, poetic, vocal, plastic, literary, musical and literary compositions, choreographies, dramatic and musical excerpts theater groups masters of artistic expression.

The project mission is the promotion of military-Patriotic education of children, adolescents and young people; preservation of traditions of Russian national culture and folk memory; support and development of children and youth creativity.

Applications are accepted from February 10, 2014. The selection of throws 27 to 30 March, the Gala concert will be held on 2 April 2014 in the Big concert hall of the Central Museum of great Patriotic war 1941-1945

Festival of children’s theater arts “Teamrush”

Theatre project ’s adventures Teatros, or visiting the “Mask” is GBUK TKS “Brigantine” children club “Mask”.

This project is conducted in order to support and develop children’s theatre arts (drama, puppetry, music), preserving the traditions of Russian theatre festivals («Russian drama”, «Golden key”, “Blue bird”).

The project is in the form of display of creative works theater groups. What child does not dream to look behind the scenes of the theatre? But if this is not an easy child, and an aspiring artist who has almost everything at the real adult entertainer. Lacking only special education.

The mission of the project is popularization and promotion of theatre culture, providing the opportunity to feel like kids these actors. And along with the adults to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the theatre, where children play.

Open festival “Wings of Motherland”

The festival’s goal: improvement of the moral qualities of the younger generation, the education of worthy patriots and defenders of the Fatherland.

The festival aims to:

The education of feeling of patriotism and civic responsibility, love of the Motherland and pride for their country among the younger generation.

An introduction to the historical heritage of Russia.

Expanding horizons in the field of knowledge about the creation, history of formation and development of the Russian army and Navy.

Development of creative potential of children, support of young talents, providing opportunities for creative expression.

“Masks of the world”

«Outdoor ART mask parade is a colorful theatrical show, where participants are hand-made masks of different peoples of the world, made in different types of decorative and artistic creativity, the audience, accompanying their work in theater, music, poetry, dance and other productions.

The ART parade is not a competition, and is held in the form of the festival. The challenge of the project is to realize your artistic vision conceived image in the mask and using a synthesis of various art forms is interesting and original way to present their project to the audience”.