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The VIII international children festival “let’s Change the world for the better


16 active, energetic children from the city of Minsk took part in the VIII International children’s festival “let’s Change the world for the better!”, organized by all-Ukrainian Fund of Hope and Kindness in the International children center “Artek” from 16 July to 5 August 2009.

This summer festival “Artek” took the young peacemakers, artists, dancers, singers, journalists and future diplomats from 50 countries.

Already the traditional participation of the delegation of the Republic of Belarus in the festival, and this year our country was represented by children’s creative teams of the National center of artistic creativity of children and youth: Exemplary ensemble of song and dance “Sorochka”, choreographic ensemble “peace Child”, sport aerobics Studio; pop singing Center of extracurricular activities “Contact”; members of the public Association “Belarusian Republican pioneer organization”. Students of these groups – winners and winners of international and Republican festivals, contests, sports competitions.

Every year the festival program is becoming more rich and diverse: press conferences, meetings with messengers of peace, fair of national cultures, meeting discussion clubs, the international press centre, environmental campaigns, cultural programs, educational games, signing the final documents of the festival and much more. So every child can find something of interest, to show their leadership and talent.

The festival activities . and everyone has the opportunity to attend hobby clubs for floristic, working with natural and plastic materials, soft toys making, painting on fabric, painting, painting. The best works were presented at an impromptu exhibition. So many colors, ideas, inspiration guys have invested in their work that every job has found an echo in the soul of adults and children.

The festival is a sport. A day of records were so many sports and entertainment programs, competitions in volleyball, football, basketball, orienteering and table games that the book of records Artek “best” forever enriched by the achievements of our children.

The festival is a holiday. Every evening was full of entertainment of different directions – song, dance, with elements of jokes, sports shows. Until late in the evening of the festival “Artek” was filled with cheerful children’s laughter.

The festival is a variety of contests, competitions, opportunities and achievements of the children. Guys our delegation tried to participate in all activities. Because we knew that the delegations that took the most active part in the festival events and receive the greatest number of prizes and incentives, is given a special mark International children’s festival. And we did it! Our delegation presented the certificate of the participant of the VIII International children festival “let’s Change the world for the better!”. In addition, our students have become laureates and winners of the fantastic projects “Artek future.”

The festival is a day of national cultures, it is an opportunity for cultural exchange and enrichment. It’s an honor to represent my country, recognizing the importance and responsibility. A sense of pride overwhelms, when Anthem and raise the flag of your country. In that moment, you feel empathy towards something important and global. At the fair of cultures Belarusian delegation tried to represent my country in all its diversity. This interactive exhibition, containing General information about the country, and photographs, and printed promotional products and Souvenirs, and folk games and dances, and participate in evening cultural entertainment program using Belarusian traditional and contemporary music.

The program of the festival in the days of national cultures included meetings of heads of delegations with the purpose of cultural exchange, exchange of teaching experience working with creative children, children-the leaders, the presentation of national and social projects. It happened then the acquaintance of heads of delegations with the Children’s legal website of our country.

The festival is a social activity of children. In addition to creative projects much attention in the dialogue between adults and children was given to the children of the world, their place in society, the opportunities and the need to actively participate in matters concerning their life in the family, school, state, society. On results of discussion clubs, debates, trainings the participants prepared the final documents of the festival, which should be brought to the attention of heads of States and international organizations.

The main event of the festival was a Day of peace. This day was a significant event: representatives of 50 countries signed an address to the General Assembly of the United Nations. This document subscribed and member of our delegation: the messenger of festival-2009 the pupil of the National center of artistic creativity of children and youth Anna Bogdan .

The festival ended with a concert-live entertainment on the main festival stage “Artek”.