The Most beautiful places in Bulgaria
The very name of Bulgaria makes the picture beautiful and Sunny country. Golden beaches and picturesque mountains, pristine lakes, and lush hills, ancient cities and monuments, magnificent cuisine and wines,…

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Crazy days Festival: music of passion from 17 countries
  Deputy head of Administration of Yekaterinburg on social policy Mikhail Matveev on Friday, 11 September 2015, took part in the opening of the festival ’s Crazy days in Ekaterinburg".…

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The Most stupid competitions and festivals around the world


In the UAE held a beauty contest among the camels. It was attended by over 10 thousand camels from different parts of the Persian Gulf. For participation in competition animals had to be a thoroughbred and not to suffer any diseases. The owner, whose animal was the most beautiful, received a cash prize in the amount of about 9.5 million.

At the agricultural fair of the California city of Petaluma has chosen the most ugly dog . “Noble tittle” got a dog named Elwood, a cross between a Chinese crested dog from a Chihuahua. In addition to the title of the first freak, the dog brought the reward of a thousand dollars for his owner. Last year Elwood took on the competition in second place, while the first went “disgusting” Archie.

In Munich not so long ago held a competition for the most beautiful, sorry ass . organized by underwear. Under the terms, at the first qualifying stage of the competition the candidates have posted their photos on the Internet. The photographs of the candidates had the opportunity to present my ass photogenic in any form: in jeans or underwear. The only condition for the organizers of the applicants was not to expose the fifth point.

The competition was attended by 15,000 candidates from 26 countries. In the end, the winners were 19-year-old resident of Bulgaria and 24-the summer inhabitant of Romania. They received 10 thousand euros and contracts with modeling agencies. Besides, their beautiful Asses were insured against all risks to which they may be subjected to them in the future.

The most smelly sneakers.

It is traditionally held in the town of Montpelier (Vermont), and its organizers is a manufacturer of deodorants for shoes. This year in the finals eight children and adolescents aged seven to fifteen years. The smells emanating from sneakers participants were evaluated by a University Professor and chemist-the expert of the National aerospace Agency of the USA. The winner was 15-year-old schoolboy, sneakers of which two years were the shoes to Hiking to fishing.

In the UK there is a fashion for contests with food who eat more over time. The flow rate is anything from hamburgers to fish oil. Particularly popular contests in the pie eating contest. Cakes for such tenders are baked specially, all the same size: 12 cm wide, 3.5 cm tall, filled with a stuffing of potatoes and meat.

In the British town of Swansea, in South Wales, one of these funny contests have been fatal. 34-year-old Adam Diehl participated in the entertainment room, where the need to eat more cakes. In the throat of the young man stuck five eclairs. Adam began to choke, and came to the rescue to help people are unable to help him. In the end, the deal was dead, having choked to death cakes.

At the traditional festival of fat in the Ukraine was once arranged a competition for the fast eating. As a result, the winner of the competition ate a kilogram of fat in 24 minutes.

Wrestling thumbs. This competition takes place every year in British Derbyshire. “Fighters” sit opposite each other and converge in a terrible battle… toes.

The British magazine «Bookseller” since 1978, holds an annual competition for the most stupid title of the book. The stupidest names receives a prize called the “Diagram”, this prize is not cash, as a reward, you can get a bottle of champagne. The nominees for this award are nominated by publishers and dealers of books and librarians. The header should not be parodic or ironic.

Jumping over babies. This strange event Spaniards annually in July to celebrate the Catholic feast of corpus Christi. Spread out on the ground blanket, stack lines on them babies. And men dressed in devil costume (but for some reason in Nike sneakers), accepted to jump through them. Supposedly it drives away evil spirits. What have babies, silent. First the bright idea to jump through newborn Spaniards came to mind in 1620.

Race with his wife on the neck. In Finland every year races are held between husbands who took their wives on his shoulders. They have something to try – the winner gets as much beer as weighs his mother.

Holiday naked men

Every year in January and February in different cities of Japan held a Festival of naked men. In the middle of winter, thousands of nearly naked Japanese take to the streets to participate in the rite of ritual purification. Dressed in traditional loincloths and wooden sandals, they crowd in hopes to touch a Naked Man. According to Shinto belief, the Naked Man takes on all the bad things and misfortune of the one who touched him, and lucky for the next year will have good luck. So roam naked and touching each other…