The Most unusual festivals of the world
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The VIII international children festival "let's Change the world for the better
  16 active, energetic children from the city of Minsk took part in the VIII International children's festival "let's Change the world for the better!", organized by all-Ukrainian Fund of…

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Portuguese carnival! –


It is believed that Portuguese carnivals gave life to one of the most famous holidays in the world of dance — Brazilian carnival. But unlike the Brazilian carnival that they are not famous. In Portugal, the carnivals are held throughout the country, and usually begin four days before lent, and increasingly so as we approach Fat Tuesday — the last holiday. The most colorful processions are held in Lisbon, Ovar, nazaré, Loule, Torres Vedras, Lazarina.

01. The first day was a parade through the city. Before the parade, all participants gathered in the underground Parking and waiting for the there.

02. At exactly 10 czesaw the evening to the sounds of drums from ground packages began leaving.

03. The official procession was well organized. People walked in groups, each group had a room.

04. Group of dolls.

05. While the audience stood out, as best they could. Crowds of people dancing in the streets of the city were much more interesting ordered an official procession. Yes, Moscow is not possible.

06. Many men dressed women, the easiest and most inexpensive way to create a vibrant and memorable way.

09. In 2011 the theme of the carnival in the town of Torres Vedras was the plot of “the jungle”. Most of the bands official processions dressed up in animal costumes. All the audience captivated pandas.

10. The procession was constantly interrupted. Everyone wanted to take pictures with the pandas.

11. Sometimes wishing it was so much that the pandas were not seen.

12. Please note that participation in the carnival attended by all family members.

13. Even babies sewed the costumes.

14. The youngest participants of the procession were sleeping in strollers.

15. Zebra.

16. On the second lap to the zebras joined extravagant man in suit woman with a rubber chicken dressed as a Zebra.

19. Group of ostriches.

20. A group of Indians got scared of the rain and hid under the balcony.

21. A group of spectators in costumes alcoholics. As I said, the audience was much more interesting than the official participants.

22. Judging by behavior, the props were real ).

23. There were very funny raccoons. They rode the trolley from the supermarket.

24. And in the cart was a cooler of beer!

25. Monkeys also rode on the trolley, but beer was not there.

28. The leopards.

29. The trolls in the Troll masks.

30. The first records of carnival in Torres Vedras date back to the year 1574. Then one of the locals filed a complaint on young people who are too fun and bright celebrated the feast.

31. To conduct the procession blocked the streets around one of the blocks. The procession stretched out and closed the circle. Some viewers not to watch the carnival from the sidewalks and mingled with the marchers.

32. All over town people danced and had fun.

36. 4 hours spent at the carnival, I’ve never met a single police officer. Not even buses with Riot police, no soldiers of internal troops, no part of the detectors, was not blocked by the floor of the city, was not drunk, no fights and garbage. What do you think, is it possible in Russia to hold a mass event for 10,000 people without the police?

37. And yet, they have no crowds of people with cameras. How it is possible?

38. Maybe the police just love to be photographed and going there where a lot of photographers?

45. Unfortunately, this year’s normal to look at carnivals did not work, but now I know that I will return here next year to show everyone a good view. What I have shown is a small part of the carnival, which runs for several days. The next day was the parade of platforms, then there was closure with colorful fireworks.

In each city carnivals are different. For example, in Lisbon to mark the end of the holiday bury cod, and in the Lazarina, where it is still preserved the ancient pagan tradition, at the end of the festivities almost as well as we have pancake day, burn an effigy of the carnival, which is called here Entrudo. However, among the Portuguese Lazarevski carnival is known to not do this, and their masks. Giant and heavy, hand-made wooden heads of demons, where parade participants must pass through the city, able to hold only men.

But perhaps the most reckless Portuguese carnival is held in the capital of Madeira, Funchal. Traditionally, there are two parades. In the first, on Friday before lent,participate only professional actors and graduates of various Samba clubs. But in the second procession, closing festivities,Tuesday, may a show for everyone, dressed in their costumes.