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Unusual holidays in the calendar
People who are used to their culture, holidays of other Nations seem to be amazing, and often strange. To understand the traditions of other people you just have to try…

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The Mayor of Nikolaev Seagull hit the list of unusual mayors


In a list of 5 unusual mayors got the Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika. Unfortunately our mayor not noted for his excellent management, perfect roads and cleanliness in the streets, and for the ability. sing.

In addition to the mayor of Nikolaev in the list the mayor of Slavutych Vladimir Udovichenko is the most “long-playing” father of the city among the Ukrainian colleagues. “I became mayor in 1990 and has since been re-elected 6 times!” – said Vladimir Petrovich. The city itself, on the contrary, the youngest – it was built in 1986 as a satellite town of Chernobyl, replacing the closed Pripyat.

“The city is well maintained, every spring we have updated the beds, bins have been installed everywhere, in winter, roads are cleaned, holes in the asphalt no. Crime as such we are not. In fact, our mayor raised the city from scratch! He is sociable, even with children greeting. The town goes most often by foot, it can be seen on the street, in the store. He wanted the Parliament to leave, so the people would not let him” – told us a nuclear engineer Valery Veselovsky.

In addition, Udovichenko – inventor. “Only I have three of the invention. I then worked on road construction for the Olympics in 1980, he built the best highway: the Paton bridge, County, route Kyiv-Zhytomyr. I worked with concrete road, and we were working out supplements which could improve. Used alcohol industry waste – cool stuff!” – he recalls.

The youngest mayor of Ukraine – in Alupka. Dmitry Karnauh only 26 years old. “Chose me mayor in September of this year, but on this post I may – was the acting, – Dmitry tells us. – I confess I was a little worried when ran into this post. But was pleasantly surprised that even pensioners, who always say that the authorities need experienced people gave me a chance. My first decision in this position was to establish a garbage disposal. Alupka could drown in piles of waste, the export of which had no money. We managed parole to negotiate with the neighbouring Council of Yalta in debt to take out the garbage. And ambitious plans to build a cable car and to Alupka recognized the best city in the country”.

Dmitry – athlete. He is a master of the sport of tennis. “Still playing football. Previously played for the Yalta team, now going for the city,” he says. And yet the young mayor – eligible bachelor. “I’m still unmarried, and I have no girlfriend. And yet every night I spend romantic evenings with my dog,” laughs Dmitry.

Residents of Alupka with whom we spoke, I hope that the young mayor will revive their city. “Seen enough of pensioners. Maybe this guy will raise the city on foot, says local resident Vladimir. – Most importantly, that he was not the star disease. While the complaints of people responding”.

The mayor of Korosten (Zhytomyr region) – noble cook. “Deruny – it’s my specialty, says Vladimir Moskalenko. – In the city organized the annual festival of potato pancakes, and in 2010 we prepared the largest potato pancake in the world, weighing m kg. I participate in cooking together with chefs – clean, TRU potatoes, fried. And then treat citizens”. And Moskalenko wants to turn the Korosten in the city of flowers: “I love roses. My house is 1100 shrubs. Owners of shops and businesses oblige next to his building to plant flowers. Want to break the rosary in the city, but it is very expensive. Maybe in the future, our people will pay at least the Bush, and plant the Park of roses”.

In administering the city often is the weaker sex. According to the Association of Ukrainian mayors, us this position is a 50 women. We found the lady on the shoulder to manage even heavy mining city – such as the Red Beam of the Luhansk region. Marina Filippova works mayor since 2010.

“Initially it was not easy, heard the grunts of men, they say, the mayor’s skirt was missing. All the people we have Orthodox and not used to seeing the head of women, says our heroine. – Also, some residents were not happy that I became the curator of our football team. And what if men started the sport, and the players have not been happy with his victories. And now our team of 14 in the area – in the top five.”

Filippova admits that the fan club not once chanted her name at the stadium. She used to tie up all the little things “that went down in the mine, in order to understand the production from the inside. Because I often go to meetings where they talk about the development of the coal industry, safety in mines, etc. As I will discuss such questions, not knowing how people work underground?”.

The singing mayor went to inhabitants of Nikolaev. Vladimir Chaika in this position since 2000 and often during the holidays and public speaking, singing songs. His favorite is “White wings” of Valery obodzinsky. “First sang from the stage, when he became mayor. People were surprised, and now they are asking for though the verse says Seagull. – Sing the city’s celebrations for me was the rule. Once at new year’s party after my speech, people began to request a song, and my mood was not refused. And the next year started very hard, and did not develop the budget process, the study found “bugs”. So now, if you ask, be sure to sing for residents.” And another Cup of local entrepreneurs believe the mascot: “I was invited to cut the ribbon at the opening of the shops, banks. Consider then the company will prosper. And I think so. There were cases when I was not on the discovery of several PE and a subsidiary of a major Bank, and they are burned”.

“If it is not for us, wouldn’t choose it for the 4th time in a row,” says local resident Paul. By the way, in honor of a Seagull named the asteroid “10459, Vladicica” – it was opened in 1978 a friend of the mayor, the astronomer Lyudmila Chernykh.