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The Best carnivals of the world

Carnival is a holiday, the main signs of which are colorful costumes, theatrical processions, loud music and merriment. It has the same roots, preserved from the times of paganism, and our Carnival, namely: both holidays is a farewell to winter and welcoming the spring. Later carnivals spread in Catholic countries. They were done in anticipation of the Great (Easter) lent, combining high Jinks with copious meal in anticipation of significant limitations in food (the word “carnival” comes from the Latin “carnem levare” to remove the meat). The first carnivals appeared on the territory of modern Italy with the emergence of large independent cities, and then in France and Germany. Today the carnival is associated by many of us in the first place, with Brazil, namely Rio de Janeiro, where he reaches unprecedented proportions.

Carnival in Rio is a festival for all generations and is the main event of this city. Overall, this parade of schools incendiary Samba belongs to the world’s largest holidays. This year the main part of the carnival of Rio de Janeiro will be held from 18 to 21 February. In the main part of the programme on 19 and 20 February will be attended by the representatives of the elite Samba schools.

“At the carnival like a local” – a service that allows you to feel the true spirit of Brazilian carnival, so to speak, from the inside. Its essence is that a visiting guest for a fee to become an honorary guest of one of the legendary Samba schools. Give him a real suit of an inviting school, and on the night of the parade will take to the Sambadrome, where he will join the slender ranks of the participants and will be held with them those same 700 meters. On 25 February there will be a final parade of Champions – demonstration performances of the six best Samba schools. Victory celebration is celebrated on the same level as the celebration of winning the title of Champions of the world Cup: with fireworks and celebration all participants of the winning school.


It is believed that Portuguese carnivals in their emancipation, the unleash and zazigatelnoe more similar than European, and Brazilian. And no wonder: after all, the Portuguese carnival in the beginning of XVIII century it was transferred to Brazil, a former Portuguese colony.

The Portuguese island of Madeira during the celebration of carnival is particularly energy! Here is 2 of the carnival procession in the city of Funchal.

On February 18, the audience will enjoy Samba, February 20 will be clownish carnival. This is one of the most exciting holidays full of fun, beautiful people, floats, outlandish costumes and drumming. The theme of the festival this year – ” Magic forest “, in Portuguese “mareš and oceanos”. The holiday is rapidly spreading throughout the city, and in the evenings, five days in a row, at the Municipal square are a variety of shows. The main carnival parade traditionally begins on Saturday, when the main streets of Funchal are filled with joy and beautiful colors: thousands of participants in beautiful costumes dancing to the sounds of Samba, performed by musical groups. Bars, restaurants, hotels Funchal festively decorated for carnival.

On Monday, it is called ” rose Monday “, kicks off with a carnival procession of fools. Across town, carnival officially registered society, are great funny dolls from papier-mache. Basically it is a caricature of politicians.

And on the last day of the carnival, there is a procession called “trapalhao” (port.”Trapalhao”, “fool’s parade”). The funny costumes, the most daring embodiment and an inexhaustible sense of humor – it’s all here.

CARNIVAL of VENICE (from 13 to 24 February). He rightly owns the title of the most famous carnival in the world. It is held annually in mid-February, when it seems that all of Venice is dressed in exquisite costumes and hides face behind masks Bauty, Venetian ladies or the doctor of the plague. At this time, the streets, squares, canals and bridges turn into a giant stage on which the action unfolds the most dazzling in the world of the play.

THE CARNIVAL IN NICE. The main character of the holiday, which lasts from mid-February to early March, is the King of the carnival. In honor of his arrival start balls, fireworks and other entertainment. In parades retinue of the King of carnival is attended by about 600 giant dolls that are made especially for this event. General merriment covers the entire city. It is in these days on the French Riviera Mimosa blossoms, emitting intoxicating aroma of spring.

CARNIVAL ON THE ISLAND OF GRAN CANARIA. Perhaps the most colorful carnival in Spain is held in the picturesque town of Las Palmas. It lasts three weeks and ends before lent. In all this time, the city is immersed in unbridled joy, endless contests and halls of fireworks. Restaurants, clubs, discos take visitors almost around the clock. It is the brightest, with nothing comparable to the actions taking place loudly, joyfully, cheerfully, not letting anyone chance to stay away.

MARDI GRAS IN NEW ORLEANS. Mardi Gras or “Fat Tuesday” appeared in New Orleans as a modest celebration in the French quarter on the occasion of the arrival of spring. Today it is a never-ending string of extravagant processions and live music. The brightest of them – the Bacchus parade and Indian parade. Participants marching in a very bold costumes decorated with feathers and precious stones. Mardi Gras is also a significant event in the world of jazz stars who definitely are taking part in the carnival.