The VIII international children festival "let's Change the world for the better
  16 active, energetic children from the city of Minsk took part in the VIII International children's festival "let's Change the world for the better!", organized by all-Ukrainian Fund of…

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The Most beautiful and spooky holidays of the world
  Deeply embedded in modern culture Halloween, fascinating and mystical Mexican Day of the dead, a truly creepy Madagascan day turning bones and other scary beautiful festivals of the world…

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Scripts for Children – Collection of scripts

Hello, guests of our planet Creativity! Today on our planet holiday, a holiday for you guys, “Dedication to students – Starfall”. Today you will find a fantastic adventure, unusual guests. (Music) and here is the first of our guest.

The stars know all these by heart.

I’m in a telescope

At night looking at the sky.

See stars and comets,

See different planets:

Mars, Moon, Pluto, Saturn,

Venus, the Sun and Neptune.

And I can tell you, without melting,

We are best friends.

The universe: a Scientist astrologer, now look through a telescope at the planet of creativity and tell us what you see there?

Stargazer: In our sky lit up new stars. Here they sit. Let’s see how many of them.

Universe: All you guys are still very young stars. But the work that you do, bring joy and beauty to your family and friends. Investing in their work a piece of yourself, you bring into our world warmth and a great charge of positive emotions.

Astrologer: (Looks in the tube) universe, I see in the telescope unidentified flying object.

The universe: And what might that be?

Stargazer: I don’t know yet. This is a huge sheaf of light and fire, and he sent to us.

Universe: (Looks in the tube) but this is the same comet.

Comet: A Comet. I Am The Comet.

I’m flying in the wide world.

Between between stars and planets

And I have no tail.

Your beautiful bright tail

Lost among the stars.

The universe: You, guys, help,

The Comet’s tail look!

The contest “Comet Tail” (10 persons)

16 hoops in two teams. Fits through hoops and join one. The whole climb. First joined win.

Comet: Thanks guys, this tail I really like.

Stargazer: In space deserted, gloomy.

There was wind and rain.

Only shines from far away

Lone Star.

Look, universe, I see that we, the planet of creativity, descends beautiful little star.

The universe: Yeah, I also see it. For some reason she was so sad. (Include The Asterisk)

Asterisk: I am a little Star,

In the sky I Shine.

Guys, help

Me friend to find.

And I’m back in space

I happily Shine.

Universe: Star, look how many guys here. They are all ready to become your friends. Really, guys?

Asterisk: can I play with them?

The contest “Parallel worlds” (2 persons two teams)

As you know, in the world of creativity and imagination can be the most incredible and, at first glance, unreal things. Imagine that you are trapped in a parallel dimension (like in a science fiction movie) and all around weird and random. And in order to escape you must collect inconceivable puzzle that will be the key to our world. (Children gather cut pictures of the worlds)

Asterisk: goodbye, guys! Now I have so many friends and I in space will never be alone.

Universe: goodbye, little Star! Forget about us!

Astrologer: (Looks in the tube) Oh, I see! (sings)

We are Jolly jellyfish

Yes, it is very interesting to observe through a telescope at stars and planets. And now:

Smart, good astrologer,

Much you know.

Maybe the wise astrologer,

Come play with us?

Stargazer: Well, of course, play.

The contest “Cap for the astronomer” (cheloveka, scissors, caps, Col. Paper)

Now, you guys will stay in the role of Astronomer. Here you have such great caps… Decorate caps. The winner by the thunder of applause.

Universe: attention, Attention! On the planet of creativity goes intergalactic enemy ship. Guys, we are going to have space pirates!

Stargazer: What are we going to do? They will break everything to pieces!

The universe: we’ll see about That!


We pirates like this.

Schelbany distribute all!

And naughty guys?

Maybe someone offended you?

Maybe someone was rude?

And you framed the bandwagon

Or stick broke?

Pirate 1: No, we just like to be scary, evil and cunning.

Pirate 2: y-y-Y! Well, tell me, because you afraid of us? (Children)

The universe: No, we’re not afraid of you!

Stargazer: Not afraid! ( With fear)

Pirate 2: Well, to be honest, I was born on the desert planet. There are only rocks and sand. Not what your planet of creativity. It’s so fun and interesting. All colorful and colorful.

Pirate 1: Yes, my planet too dark and dull.

Universe: Guys, let’s help the pirates. Will razukrasim their planet. Everything here – the trees and flowers.

The contest “Paint the planet” (Two teams of two people)

Decorated with painted planet harvested flowers, leaves, trees. Winner – power of applause.

Pirate 1: we will become good and kind.

Pirate 2: I some critter will get! Goodbye!

Universe: Guys, I want you to discover the secret. This year our planet – Home of creativity celebrates 50 years! Over the years many children visited us. They came to us, developed their skills, presented in childhood – to rejoice and be surprised by what he saw, to observe and learn about the world; learning to understand art, to love our Homeland, the planet, the whole world! These children have left their mark on the lives of our wonderful planet! Come and you to us more often. And let these dates with creativity will leave you the joy of learning, belonging at least to a small opening for yourself.