Festivals and holidays in France


In France, the holidays take an integral part of cultural life. The French love cooking for the holidays, it is a great pleasure to decorate houses and streets for the holidays. What time of year you would not have got in this country, you are sure to get any holiday, festival or carnival.

In France, the festivals occupy an integral part of cultural life. The French love cooking for the holidays, it is a great pleasure to decorate houses and streets for the holidays. What time of year you would not have got in this country, you are sure to get any holiday, festival or carnival.

The celebration of New year in France is not as popular as Christmas. The French celebrate Christmas grandly and long. The Christmas holidays not only in children but also in adults. On this day people give each other gifts. Their brings, according to legend, Pere Noel( similar to our Santa Claus). Unlike Russia, where Christmas is celebrated on 7 January, in France on December 25.

Similarly, Easter is celebrated in the West a week earlier than in Russia. At Easter all the shops decorated eggs, fish, chocolate bells, bells ringing everywhere.

The main French holiday – Bastille Day, celebrated on July 14. This Patriotic holiday, it is celebrated throughout the country with parades and celebrations in nature, with salutes and fireworks. It is with the storming of the Bastille began the first French revolution.

May 8, France celebrates the feast of Jeanne d’Arc. This girl from Lorraine, who participated in the hundred years war between France and England. She managed to lift the siege of Orleans on may 8, 1429. In 1920 she was canonized.

In addition, the French have a Day of the Paris commune or Remembrance day, in memory of the first world war, on this day the armistice was signed, ending the war. As Liberation Day is celebrated in memory of the Second World War.

As in many other countries, celebrated in France on 31 may Mothers Day.

The music, the smiles on the faces of passers-by, many lights – it already creates a festive atmosphere on the streets of numerous cities in France.

May 1 – the Carnival of Snails Lumas. His motto — have a good laugh and wallcreate. It’s carnival in honor of small snails with lechebnicami. The procession takes place in the city Cruise (Department of Indre),headed by a giant nine-meter replica of King sandpipers. Kazdego are different themes of carnivals. This year it is dedicated to banalitaten. During the day the participants and guests of the carnival eat about 600.000 snails and drink 12,000 liters of wine.

May 7 – the feast of the Parrot in the Haute-Garonne. This festival gathers about40 archers dressed in medieval clothes. They try out Locaboat in semidiagrammatic parrot hoisted on verhushku-meter mast. The shooter, who can shoot down the parrot, stonethrower holiday.

May 16-18 – military-religious parade in the famous Saint-Tropez for a few graprefruit the city in a fortified camp. Artilleriiskii volleys ceratoides musket shots. The procession of citizens sent to the Church,carrying ahead the statue of the Trail. Accompanied by a detachment of Musketeers ofled captain. At the end of the March Musketeers treat securacom and open traditional game of Boule (boule).

Important family events, soblyudayetsya in various layers of the population, – baptism and first communion. A family holiday is Christmas – December 25 – one of the most celebrated holidays in France. According to an old tradition on Christmas eve the whole family and close relatives gather together at the holiday table. The abundance of food is considered to be the key to prosperity and wealth in the new year. On the streets and squares of Paris installed a huge Christmas tree fabulous Christmas character Pere Noel, like our Santa Claus, brings gifts to children. The custom of decorating the Christmas tree has spread to cities in the nineteenth century, but not nearly penetrated in a French village.

Christmas, New Year and Kings Day (January 6 ) constitute the cycle of holidays (twelve days). New Year, like Christmas, is a family celebration, but it is usually celebrated not in “the nest” but in the house or in a cafe. The New Year is always a joyous occasion. One of my favorite Christmas entertainment of the French lottery. You can win a Turkey, chicken or even pig. Festive table decorated with mistletoe. According to legend, this plant brings good luck. But in villages, people usually come to visit with “Christmas log”. It is also a symbol of warmth and well-being.

Known widely in the country celebrated the feast of the Carnival is the most cheerful holiday of spring, with many ceremonies, the performance of which promised harvest and wealth. In our days the former sense of the carnival of lost. Now it’s a theatrical performance, collecting lots of spectators.

Great importance in the national calendar of the French is “all saints Day” – November 1, memorial holiday, which nowadays is more of a social rather than religious in nature. On this day commemorating the victims of war and commemorate the dead relatives. In Paris November 1, occurs the procession to the tomb of the unknown soldier, over which burns an unquenchable fire.

Religious holidays the French are becoming more and more secular. Revive some traditions, games and spectacles; arranged even running cows and fighting bulls. Traditional dances (Farandole, gallarda, minuet, Bourree, Gavotte) the French dance at folk festivals to the accompaniment of folk instruments such as bagpipes, tambourine, viola, pasita.