Crazy days Festival: music of passion from 17 countries
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Bulgaria - Holidays and festivals
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Spiritual-creative international Festival

The first festival was a success, the place was very unusual – continuous hills-hills and fast, almost a mountain stream. And although the rain we often used to go it was almost wonderful.

The following . was even better as a WHOLE, although some who objected related collective creative living some (particularly musical noise) effects.

Recent  was. was on THE VERY last, so beloved by many (but probably almost all) location Petyayarvi. People of good character, “a mixed – ethnoconfessional” and unconfessional was DECENT. Even a bit crowded in places. But, however interesting, varied. UNFORGETTABLE!

Another festival  it is expected from 14 to 22 July, in a new, very beautiful and quiet location, the shore of lake Ladoga, from St. Petersburg about 3 hours.

Our friends write: the ATOM forum

>I’m partial to spiritual dancing (which is clear from the epigraph to the 1st room :)). Was this summer at the festival “Summer solstice” and the Rainbow in 94.

The festival has a main focus on spiritual dances . held under the auspices of the Dances of Universal Peace, and at the same time you can participate, explore a variety of spiritual, recreational, creative, educational programs, practices, techniques and trainings.

The beginning of the festival on June 28, 2002 most likely where it was before: Sankt-Peterburg, Leningrad region (station Petyayarvi, see below) but will DEFINITELY be clear by the end of may.

Dear friends! Brothers and sisters!

In the festival program:

All sorts of spiritual practices, native American ceremony, Slavic rites, PM different traditions and, of course, the Dances of Universal Peace will be on our celebration of unity. At the Festival of spiritual creativity everyone can show their talents. In addition, a number of programs for adolescents.

Will have the opportunity to explore various spiritual, creative, educational, health schools, for example:

practice yoga

– holodynamic

– Taoist technique (direction “Fire Flower” + rails, Russian rails)

– “belly dancing” fans – see practice – I will try, I will be trained (men too 🙂

– Russian folklore (songs ditties)

– Celtic music, dancing

school crafts for children and adults (woodcarving. )

– “Paneurhythmy” the spiritual dance of the Bulgarian master Peter Donova (Deunov) and his disciple Frenchman of Omraam Mikael Aivanhov.

+ many different ways and STILL appear as usual “at the last moment” 🙂

All classes are free! (only one festival org. collection

100-150 rubles.)

We also encourage everyone to participate in Karma yoga . i.e. to give half of one days work and the assistance of one of the sectors that you will be able to choose for yourself. We hope that this will help the existence of non-profit camps, as well as give a deeper sense of belonging to our creative family.

At the Festival you will be able to cook for yourself or eat centrally (to be inexpensive vegetarian food). At the station (

20min walk) is cont. store, where you can basically buy everything (but almost certainly not happen fruit-dried fruit) so favorite or rare – take. Dishes for food should have its own! In addition sleeping bags, mats, tents or tipis, all from mosquitoes and rain.

Welcome all kinds of musical instruments. Think in advance about the costumes and(or) the colors for the carnival . bring national costumes; useful articles for the fair and VERY USEFUL gifts-Souvenirs of the future friends!

Please do not bring radios, tape recorders and bad habits.

The festival has a strict ban on alcohol and all kinds of drugs.

Arrival date will be confirmed!

Organizational fee of 100-150 rubles.

The road to the festival: the Station Petyayarvi with the Finland station in Saint-Petersburg, pass the railroad in FRONT of a TRAIN that is going in the direction of motion of the train, and then gradually deeper into the forest (in the direction of the train) there at the first one road.

Then you look down at the first fork in the trees – these will be signs (suns, crosses, stars, signs in General).

To go for 15-20 minutes, the camp will be standing at the river (if you get lost). And of course it is better to write and phone in St. Petersburg, to travel together, the teams with the escort.

MORE about how to get to the venue From the Finland station (Priozersk direction) to the station “Petyayarvi”.

Cross the tracks, walk along the train on a wide dirt road about 500 meters.

Turn on the pioneer camp “Mayak” and next on our signs (the sun).