Youth rating of the year has identified the most striking events of Transcarpathia


Defined the best of the best in 2009, according to the youth

The end of the year – time results, analysis and generalizations. According to many Transcarpathians, 2009 will be something to remember, because interesting events and activities of the regional level was much.

In a friendly dispute the creative team of the magazine “StudLife” as to which of fests, parties or promotional projects can be considered the best, he had the idea to create their own ranking.

Who cared, joined the sponsors (national discount network “Ukrainian student card”, “Student Republic”, the Corporation of the holidays “did Not understand”, the student Council the Carpathians, Transcarpathian League of KVN, etc).

Thus, in the framework of a long-planned competition “the Best student” there was another event – the first “Youth rating”.

Regarding the project. This year he covered 5 categories and 5 special awards. Determined the winners, the panel of experts of the magazine “StudLife” and the contestants who had the opportunity to vote for fellow competitors.

On December 17, in the Transcarpathian regional was declared the best of the best. Was held the ceremony in a solemn ceremony with all appropriate attributes. Even the statues of the winners received special – have developed their own young artists, students of Uzhgorod College of arts.And. Erdely Basil Sochka and Basil Bedrik.

So, about the nominees.

The title of “Best youth event of the year” claimed: game of the Transcarpathian League of KVN, erotic festival “March cats”, “Parade of brides” and “Battle of photographers”. Won bright and entertaining festival “Parade of brides”.

“The Best youth promo-project” was nominated latest art projects: SAP Shator, Uzhgorod Techno Culture (UTC), Zenith Promo, Transcarpathian Arts Unity. The guys from the first promo of the group ahead of the rest.

Four youth brands “House”, “Top Secret”, “Oxygen” and “Dude” the greatest trust grant received shocking and independent “House”.

Noted and beauty contests (primarily students, since the larger scale has not been conducted of the financial crisis). In this area the regional entertainment industry was the most worthy “Miss and mister Sakho”.

But most of all she loves to spend evenings young and sophisticated audience in glamorous “Kashtan Lounge Cafe”. It became the best youth of the school year . A little lost club “Deep Chill Out Bar”, “Cactus” and “totem”.

Were in the focus of savvy young eyes and other facets of the Transcarpathian life. Special prize “Philanthropist of the year” noted the head of the Transcarpathian regional branch of political party “Front of changes” by Robert Broudi. With the support of him personally and of the team in the field there is a bunch of activities, including – “Party for pregnant women”, “Parade of brides”, “Crystal clusters”, “Hutsul turnip”, motocross races, football tournaments, “Battle photographers”, the restoration of Uzhgorod children’s railway and many others.

totily youth website “Foso” as the best media .

“Recognition of the year” became a national team Studio of modern dance “Blitz”, which dancers this year brought as many as 3 Cup international Championships, not paid attention to the Patriotic football field at the end of Uzhgorod.

He was awarded a special nomination – “Joke of the year” .

The title of “Best student” in the difficult struggle was won by the student of the 4th course of the faculty of Informatics Sakho, Chairman of the student Council of the University Eduard Kovalenko.

Just to participate in the contest received 43 of the questionnaire. The nominees were chosen by a jury consisting of representatives of various universities, KVN, student Affairs area, etc. as a result, got in the final 10 students from 4 universities.

On stage the participants had to show themselves and their talents were dressed in courtesy of sponsors “the outfit,” sang, danced, drew on paper and t-shirts, showed his own collection, and even joked fenced, so the victory did not come easily. The talent, dedication and charisma of Edward (the jury) were adequately marked – the Chairman of the Transcarpathian “veterans” Robert Broudi presented to the winner of the main prize – no book, however, in the memory of the contest without exception, all the participants received memorable gifts.

Especially pleasant surprise was a message saying that the clothes from the brand “Top Secret”, which were dressed wheel drive (Larissa, Lipcani and Denis Lagadin), as well as students in the latest release, Robert Broudi gives and to remove them is not necessary.

What young people immediately took advantage of – after the contest in 4 disco clubs Uzhgorod took place the course of the holiday with greeting students, prize draws and competitions, so the characters of parties flaunted there’s a new trendy outfit.

Conducted by the event organizers were satisfied and are already making plans for next year. It’s possible that “Youth rating of the year” will become traditional and will also join the list of the brightest events of Transcarpathia.