Where to go in August: holidays and festivals around the world
In August, before the tourist opened many opportunities for travel, so the choice is not so simple. It is best to understand the traditions and culture of local holidays. So…

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Hinamatsuri - girls holiday
  On March 3 in Japan there is amazing and very beautiful holiday Hinamatsuri (doll Festival) or girls Holiday. Hina is a little paper doll. To this day in every…

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TOP 10 most “dirty” of the world holidays

I think that to wallow in the mud like pigs and small children? So you have never participated in this festival of mud and no idea how fun and enjoyable! So for you we have prepared a selection of the best “dirty” holidays of the world

Mud Festival

San Antonio, TX, USA

A whole weekend of the second week of January, residents of the American city of San Antonio lying in the dirt. These days there is a small stream draining and cleaned dirt from the riverbed. Before guests tried not to come to the city at this time, but then someone from the city fathers came up with a good idea to turn a routine event in the festival, which has become a favorite among tourists. During the festival organizes many interesting events: running and football in the mud, the election of the king and Queen of Mud, exhibitions and even a parade of Dirt. And of course, anyone has the right peremeshatsya mud from head to toe.

While in the Brazilian capital city thunders carnival, in the small town of Paraty is “dirty” festival, the most suitable outfit for which is not elegant colorful shiny suit, and a bathing suit or swimming trunks. In fact, it is still the favorite Brazilian carnival, but all the participants before starting the procession, should peremeshatsya local mud lake Jabaquara where they then solemnly with songs and dances go to the city center.

“Tanks are not afraid of dirt” – it is this ideology adhere to the participants of the festival of dirt in one of the towns of Oregon. For nearly 40 years they come Suite-home to zip his SUV on the flooded fields. If you feel sorry to spoil your own jeep or you simply do not have, you can still become a guest of the holiday: paying $ 33 per ticket, you’ll see an insane performance, when dozens of fans of extreme driving overcome a mud track.

Kenansville in Florida is another town in the USA who have to memorize fans of extreme racing. There is a huge mud polygon – giant field where allowed to cross between dirt any motorist or motorcyclist. There’s also regularly hold festivals, where everyone can demonstrate how they are able to drive absolute road. In addition, the near field will be a place where you can eat to stay the night or just to take a shower. Tickets cost $ 20 for one day. If you plan to watch “dirty racing” longer buy for $ 40 a ticket for three days.

China has its own analogue of the Dead sea with healthy mud – salt lake Unicen. Its salts help your skin to be young, smooth, silky as a baby’s bottom. They are also known to treat various skin diseases. Every year in June on the shores of the China lake festival sea mud, all activities which aim to make every guest as long as possible in the mud and felt its healing effect.

In South Korea many beautiful holidays. However, the Ministry of tourism and recreation in this country recommends visiting first of all the mud festival. Strange choice? Not at all. Officials care about your health! A whole week on the beach Techon in taisen-ri reigns mud madness. Guests of the festival are crazy: swim in a mud pool, slide down the mud slides, fight in the mud – in total for seven days did not get out of the mud. It turns out that it’s not only fun, but also useful: local clay has a beneficial effect on the skin. So one could argue that participants of the festival held a course of spa treatments.

At the end of July in Switzerland hosts the largest music festival under the open sky. Each year, the singers will perform about 200 concerts, I listen to them more than 230 thousand people. Of course, such a crowd of people can easily turn any lawn into a dirty mess, but the guests do not lose heart and try to peripatetica in the mud. In recent years it has become a tradition. Next summer the festival will take place from 19 to 24 July, the ticket is better to think in advance.

Two Andalusian town of Databases and Guadix compete since time immemorial. Once Casamore – worker from Guadix, being in the Database, stole a statue of the blessed virgin Pious from the ruins of the ancient monastery, but on the way to his native city he was attacked by the inhabitants of the Base and took the Shrine. Between residents of the two towns was about to burst into a real war, but they came to an agreement that the statue will go to someone who without getting messy, you reach the ruined monastery. Since then it has become a tradition every year to play these events: the participants choose Cabramurra and send it from Here to the Database, and then try as hard as possible to shower him with dirt.

Biblical, Philippines

Every year in the rice fields, located near the Philippine town of Biblica, a festival of mud. Local residents local smeared with dirt from head to toe, believing that it will help them to be healthy. Do not forget they are thoroughly impregnated with dirt and capes of banana leaves. Then put them on yourself and the procession, with singing through the streets of the city.

Lots of fun competitions, such as running through the mud with obstacles for adults, competition in the dirt for kids and music festival open air, waiting for those who will arrive this year on the second Saturday of October in Jacksonville. Let me, finally, your children enough to cover ourselves with liquid mud and try to eat it themselves. Maybe you will finally realize how great it is, and stop trying to blame them for soiled clothes? If you want to participate in any tournament, don’t forget to register on the website in advance of the holiday.