Portuguese carnival! –
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Venetian carnival
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Children’s party with the Detonation of the Planet


Birthday is the best holiday, and it is impossible to argue. How anxious and trembling waiting for his birthday, our kids, waving a hand around in a circle down the days to important events. How much we age, we are all waiting for fun, food and, of course, gifts. But the gifts — it is not important. A new toy can be abandoned in the far corner, and boring meal will be erased from memory.

Any parent who loves their “seed”, strives to make your child’s birthday memorable, but sometimes doesn’t know how to do it.

We were one of those parents. The idea of doing another boring meal at home on the first anniversary of my daughter was immediately struck. All hope remained for professionals who are engaged in organization and holding children’s parties.

The market for the provision of holiday services in Samara is very busy, and to whom to give preference to and not to miscalculate organized fun — this is a non-trivial task. Before you book a holiday, we always monitored the market of such services, phoned about six organizations involved in the holidays, questioned in detail about the services and, naturally, the price of these services. Analyzing the price lists for children’s parties and the feedback of those who have a holiday already taken place, we have selected a young team Samara animators “This planet” (Deto planeta), and now we offer you the full report about the children’s holiday, which they arranged for our little Princess.

Sociable and likable team principal “This planet” Eugene spoke in detail about what was waiting for the birthday girl and the guests invited to the feast. Our daughter just loves Winx fairies, so the issue with the animator was immediately solved, the more that the price for a one hour program with one animator was very affordable compared to other agencies and was $ 1,900 rubles. Moreover, this amount included face painting for each child! When in other companies for the same services we were offered to pay 2,500 bran + 1500 rubles for the painting.

Much debate at the price we were not, because the price initially we were satisfied. The place where will be held the festival, was selected in the children’s Park. Yuri Gagarin in cafe “Three bears”. Had to wait for birthday.

Our birthday girl.

And now it had come, the long-awaited first anniversary – 5 years. Guests, gifts, hugs and kisses – the usual birthday activities. In anticipation of the start of the animation the kids absorbed a favorite fries with chicken, everything went on as usual. But that all changed when there was Eugene, who, by the way, I painted the girls.

Upcoming painting not a little interested in the kids all swarmed the place where already painted our daughter. You should have seen them: they enthusiastically chose from the catalog picture, and then, as if spellbound, sat in the queue waiting for a miracle! While the speech was already preparing Winx.

Here I want to digress and note that the whole group “the Detonation planet” worked very well and punctually. Fairy arrived early to change clothes and makeup. The equipment was installed and configured on time.

Of course, the most vibrant part of our holiday was the fairy Winx. Our birthday girl was shocked when she saw a live fairy. Bright appearance under cartoon music, which immediately moved our girls to the magical land of Alfea, where they overcame obstacles, tasks, dancing, jumping, running… Oh, that together they just did! Even a fashion show for the parents arranged!

The hours flew by, the birthday girl signed the diploma with the congratulations and presented a license disk with the tale. Fairy said goodbye to the girls and left, while my daughter was standing with tears in his eyes. She just couldn’t believe that the tale ended so quickly.

Customized CAKE for the birthday girl.

It is worth noting that the girl-fairy is actually very beautiful, she has a great figure and striking costume, like cartoon characters. But most importantly, the girl worked, as they say, in full: fun, fast, clearly. Not accidentally, the children were staring at her, mouth open, and gladly fulfilled all her exciting job.

In conclusion, animation program was a bubble show. Bubbles from small to huge — catch not catch them! How many of them were released — don’t know, but they rejoiced not only children but also adults! Watched, caught, even tried to run them.

Music, fun contests, games and bubbles the size of a birthday girl entertained not only the guests, but everyone who was at that time in the cafe. We even watched as parents carried under his arm crying boy who didn’t want to leave, but he obviously wanted to participate in our show.

Professional photographer (by the way, very nice guy) perfectly coped with their work, cheered shy to be photographed, amused, and when all were involved in games and competitions, choosing interesting points for pics. Yes you can verify this by looking at the number of photos since the birth of our daughter. By the way, his services cost us fifteen hundred rubles, which is also we can call a nice sum for this service.

Genuine joy of the children!