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Dubai shopping festival

Dubai shopping festival – it is a period of unique opportunities for shopping, entertainment and sweepstakes with incredible prizes. Opening the festival is always a colorful event with a bright light and sound effects.

During the annual shopping festival sales with kidka goods can reach 70% . discounts on accommodation in hotels – 40%, and airlines often allow extra baggage allowance.

And from 13 November 2010, according to the mission of the Department of tourism and Commerce marketing government of Dubai, opened the “global village”, located in Dubailand.

World village” – it is a popular tourist attraction, offering many activities. This year, 28 national pavilions from around the world will present guests the opportunity to purchase goods from different countries in a wide range.

Visitors will be offered a program with elements of national culture of different peoples of the world. On the Stage of world culture performances by dance companies from Cuba, bollywood, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Japan, etc. will Be organized street shows with the participation of African acrobats, drummers, jugglers lights.

Shopping in UAE – a Paradise for shoppers.

The UAE is a free economic zone with a very low import duty and no tax. So do not be surprised if prices of goods will be here even less than in the producing countries!

Shopping in UAE – it is a very profitable opportunity to make different purchases and one of the main reasons why Arab Emirates visited by many tourists.

In a variety of shops from huge shopping malls to various markets – selection of products is virtually limitless. You can buy clothes (including a luxurious selection of coats) and shoes, audio and video equipment, household appliances, carpets and fabrics, furniture and fixtures, and, of course, gold and precious stones.

Don’t forget that bargaining is an indispensable component of the transaction. Just call the price in 2 times smaller than the initial, and bargain until you come to the amount that is acceptable to both the seller and the buyer – thus, You will be able to get a discount of 10-30%.

Main shopping town is considered to Dubai . which is deservedly called the “city-store”. It is here twice a year hosts a famous Shopping festivals: “Dubai — summer surprises” and Winter shopping festival.

DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival) is the largest cultural and entertainment event in the UAE and the best time for shopping. According to tradition, at the festival, the number of visitors far exceeds chislennosti of the population of the Emirate of Dubai. Held since 1996, the festival attracts every year more than 2.5 million tourists from all over the world. At this time, Dubai hosts a variety of entertainment programmes – famous lottery (the winners of which receive expensive cars, gold jewelry and even real estate in the UAE), shows, horse races and even a bullfight. Sales discounts on products can reach 70%, discounts on accommodation in hotels – 40%, and airlines often allow extra baggage allowance.

Dubai airport is the world’s largest Duty Free shop (duty free), which can be 30-50% lower than in Moscow.

The gold Souk in Dubai — one of the best places in the world to buy gold jewelry and tableware. Here you can buy any jewelry from Oriental decoration to contemporary jewelry, made world-famous jewelry companies. With this gold market like no one market. Countless gold shops offer 18K yellow gold, white and pink flowers, gold 21 and 22-Karat, pure 24-carat gold. As well as numerous collections of gold jewelry with briliantly, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and other precious and semi-precious stones. Arab Emirates – one of the largest exporters of gold. The cost for one gram of precious metal is the lowest in the world! There have been cases when the price of gold in Dubai has dropped below the price on the London stock exchange! The market is open until late at night, and every day there are thousands of large purchases.

For tourists who would like to give something in memory, in the UAE there are many shops that will offer You a variety of memorable stuff. The most popular tourist Souvenirs are a variety of boxes and coasters made of wood, beautifully inlaid stones, figurines «soapstone”, Arabic coffee pot (dalla), as well as miniature traditional boat (Dhow), antique silver jewelry.

Cheat here infrequently . Carefully count the change and look, put You in a box exactly the product that You have selected. Also on Nasser Square you may be approached “police” who search for drugs, which can fade your wallet. Remember: real police officers have the right to search only in the plot.

Dubai the gold Souk attracts many buyers from around the world for another reason. You can spend days walking on the gold market, but are considering buying your favorite jewelry, not at all excited for his safety, because the United Arab Emirates is one of the most peaceful countries. So feel free to go to the gold market, choose what you like of it, buy and wear it in good health!