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Jazz carnival in Odessa

In the 6th time in Odessa — the pearl of the black sea coast of Ukraine from 15 to 17 September 2006, will host the international jazz festival “jazz Carnival in Odessa”. Founded in 2001, the homeland of the first Soviet jazzman Leonid Utesov, this festival is held annually in the midst of the “velvet season”. The southern sun does not burn, the sea is still warm, but Odessa still lives in the summer and carnival variegated perennial mix of cultures and nationalities, rhythms and styles, sea breeze and dry breath of the black sea steppes. “Carnival” the concept of this jazz festival is absolutely not random: here, in Odessa, invite musicians from different countries, playing a completely different jazz. Carnival discoveries — everyone is sure to find something for their soul.

The great Ella Fitzgerald liked to repeat: “jazz — dark matter”. Jazz really came up with blacks, and yet the jazz public domain. And not incidentally, the legendary Soviet jazzman Leonid Utesov said: “Odessa is the birthplace of jazz!”. This city have in common with jazz atmosphere of humour, celebration and freedom. Thanks to Leonid Utesov and his famous “Tea-jazz”, Odessa was considered the unofficial capital of jazz in the USSR. “Do not let jazz die in his homeland!” — announced at the dawn of the new Millennium author jazz carnival, its General producer, Mikhail Freidlin, together with the art Director of the festival, Yuri Kuznetsov, a world class pianist, took the trouble to make Odessa a Mecca of jazz musicians. Today, the festival “jazz-carnival in Odessa” — it’s a tradition.

For the third consecutive year thanks to the participation of the General sponsor of the festival TM “Nescafe Gold” Festival will be held under the slogan: “Coffee taste of jazz”. Traditional festival venue as before will be the famous Odessa Philharmonic — a unique monument of architecture. Every evening on the stage will climb the musicians of three different projects in three different areas of jazz, three different cultures. The participants of this festival will unveil a mosaic of national and ethnic variations on the theme of jazz. A joint project of the French saxophonist Francois Jeanneau and German pianist Uli Lenz, youth big band from Germany, Georgian trio The Shin, a Quartet of Italian Giovanni Falzone with the famous Russian bassist Yuri Golubev and “Balkan band” Nenad Vasilich, multicultural project from Holland “mWWm” ladies and exclusively a brass Quartet from Germany VenusBrass — real jazz carnival of colors and shades! There is a “menu” of the festival gourmet meal for gourmets — the solo project of Norwegian vocalist Eldborg Raknes, frequent guest of festivals of avant-garde jazz, will bring the festival in South Scandinavian atmosphere is a little cold… Every day after the “official” concert on the stage of Philharmonic festival will seamlessly “flow” to the sea, on a nightly jam session.

“Jazz-carnival in Odessa” is not only a festival concerts, representing virtually the entire spectrum of jazz. This and street performances, and Odessa colorful jazz carnival shares, which became an informal business cards festival, determining its typical Odessa, friendly and like nothing on the atmosphere. On jazz carnival appeared first already become a new urban legend “Gasohol” — vintage outdoor sightseeing tram Dixieland aboard, which goes on tram routes Odessa during the festival. The merging of generations and musical tastes grandfathers, fathers, sons and grandsons happens in the framework of the youth campaign “DJ Band” with a special program “Future Sounds of Jazz” — a musical marathon DJs, “conjuring” over jazz standards. Street concerts at the monument to Leonid Utesov and Duke de Richelieu and massive street parade of bands and Dixieland, starting at the “Odessa” street, Deribasovskaya, of Dixieland parade through the center of Odessa, jazz which in the blood, and because every street and every house here respond to the beat of the music. Another “know-how” Odessa jazz carnival “Jazz regatta” for the prize Swarovski — racing sailboats on the waters of the Odessa Bay of the musical accompaniment of jazz ensembles at the referee boats. And finally, the pinnacle of the festival, his apotheosis — four-hour gala concert under the open sky on the Theatre square in front of the famous architectural monument of world importance — the Odessa Opera house…

All these years the festival takes place thanks to the tandem of two of its “founding fathers” of the author’s ideas jazz carnival, its General producer Mikhail Freidlin and longtime art Director of the festival, Odessa musician of world renown Yuri Kuznetsov. For the third consecutive year with Odessa jazz carnival is cooperating actively, becoming the co-producer of the festival, the President of the company “Doors to Hollywood” Bob van Ronkel (USA).

To open the festival, as in previous years, will be honorary President of the “jazz-carnival in Odessa”, the great improviser in prose, a connoisseur of jazz music, Mikhail Zhvanetsky. From the stage of the Odessa Philharmonic he will always deliver his subtle and witty greeting to the festival, thereby marking the beginning of the next music festival of improvisation. Leading concerts jazz Carnival like last year invited a music critic, honored worker of the Russian music society, jazz columnist of the magazine “America Illustrated” Vladimir kaushansky.