the Main events of tourist life autumn

After a relaxing summer people want to go on a fun and educational event. So many tourists go to Europe to visit the numerous festivals which take place annually in many famous cities.

Oktoberfest — Munich, Germany

The largest beer festival runs from 22 September to 7 October at the Theresienwiese. This tradition for over two hundred years. The start of the holiday giving 12 shots from a giant cannon, and the mayor of Munich uncorks a barrel of beer.

The event was attended by six Munich Breweries. Everyone taste the traditional Bavarian beer, which can only be purchased in the fall. It is aged a bit longer than a simple light and endowed with rich malt flavor. To the foamy beverage is served and all sorts of Goodies: sausage, toast, meat.

On Central city streets are exciting parades and performances. This event is family start the sky colored orbs and be treated to cotton candy. Kids can ride on the traditional carousel, visit the famous Ferris wheel, and their parents to find something for everyone.

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Street art festival — Norway, Stavanger

In the period from 20 September to 18 November in Norway together talented artists from all around the world. They are armed with spray paint and start to paint the walls of houses, enclosures and fences, creating amazing graffiti, as well as large-scale paintings.

Festival of contemporary art — Budapest, Hungary

International art-festival “Budapest Contemporary Art Festival” held in the capital of Hungary from 5 to 14 October. Guests enjoy a Grand program: concerts of classical and popular music, shows, dance groups and movie premieres.

Venues for these events will be various pubs and cafes: Szatyor Bar, cafe Jedermann, as well as art galleries, the national theatre and Бtrium Cinema.

Festival of lights — Berlin, Germany

In the center of the country from 10 to 21 October light show. All significant architectural buildings and monuments at night will serve as the objects for light installations. This tradition was founded in 2005 by the mayor of Berlin.

So the audience was able to admire all the objects illuminated quaint illuminations, in the city ply additional buses — LightLiner are included in velotaxi and river katarki. At the end of the festival night marathon, in which participants are sent to multi-kilometer race through the streets of Berlin.

Chocolate festival in Perugia, Italy

From 18 to 27 October, the sweet-lovers should definitely visit the home of the largest chocolate manufacturer, the company “Perugina” — Perugia. There are going to master chocolate Affairs, and the streets are filled with a tart flavor.

However, the most entertaining, the festival will not the removal of a sample of the amazing chocolate, amazing chocolate state, which will appear in the center of the city. At this event you can buy not only the usual candy and tile, but made of chocolate phones, nails, watches, books, figurines and paintings. Every evening an unforgettable event decorated with magnificent fireworks.

Holiday chestnuts — France

One day only — October 21, French town buried in smoke, exhaled roasted chestnuts. Each cafe will be presented to everyone unusual menu, the dishes which are almost entirely composed of chestnuts: salads, drinks and various desserts.

The festival of European cinema — Spain, Sevilla

From 1 to 9 November, the annual festival of cinema, which represented the latest European cinema. Many who could not get at the Venice film festival, come to Seville to enjoy the masterpieces of the famous masters of the film industry. Screenings of films take place in the theater “Lope de Vega” complex “Nervion Plaza”.

In celebration of wine “Beaujolais Nouveau” — France

Holiday wine made from grapes “the Gamay” is held on November 15. This wine is ready to drink in six weeks after harvest of the bunches of grapes manually. Coopers are competing in the ancient craft of making wooden barrels, and all present taste the wine. At 23:00 starts the procession, lit by torches, thanks to the winemakers for their work.

Festival of the white truffle of San Miniato, Italy

On the ninth of November lovers of truffles come to the area, which is located between Florence and Pisa, where you can taste a very rare mushrooms and grandiose hunting for them. Near the town of San Miniato is almost a quarter of the white truffle of Italy, sent in famous restaurants around the world.

The competition of the human towers of Catalonia, Tarragona

Sixth day of October in the Central square going friendly team, consisting of strong men and brave women. They start to line up at the huge figure, which is important not only to build but also to carefully disassemble and usually, in this crucial moment of “structure” crumbles.

Fiesta Of Our Lady, Pilar Day Of The Hispanidad — Spain, Zaragoza

Very colorful festival, full of dancing, music, theatre, fire fireworks takes place from 6 to 14 October, and the main event — the famous, bloody bullfight.