The VIII international children festival "let's Change the world for the better
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The Most unusual customs and traditions in Italy
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Where to go in August: holidays and festivals around the world

In August, before the tourist opened many opportunities for travel, so the choice is not so simple. It is best to understand the traditions and culture of local holidays. So the question “where to go in August,” we boldly answer – for holidays and festivals!

The Burning Man Festival

Translates literally this event as “burning man” and represents more than a festival, a social utopia that unfolded in a desert area of Nevada. Declared 10 principles in accordance with which the city lives, consisting of 45 000 participants of the Burning Man festival.

The participants will present their works of art, often unusual and fantastic, however, as their clothes. Artists arrange performances and dances. At several venues DJs 24 hours a day they play music.

Each participant needs to find their own food, meals, lodging and other vital things. Thus, at the end of the holiday, from the host of the party should not remain also a trace. On the last day of the festival suit set fire to a wooden man – Burning Man symbol.

Where to go . the desert of black Rock, Nevada, USA

When . the last Monday of August to the first Monday of September

The Siena Palio

Horse racing, known in Italy as II Palio, last just 1.5 minutes. During this short time, specially around covered with a thick layer of land II Campo, Bareback riders horses must pass three rounds at 300 meters. Often jockeys flies from their horses, and reach the finish line without a rider. In this case, the victory remains with the team, which was represented by the horse. Racing is only part of the Siena Palio, after they are celebrated and a procession through the town. Usually they end up in the morning.

Where to go . Siena, Italy

When . 2 July and 16 August

The Seven sisters festival

To go in August and this holiday in Chinese culture – analogue of Valentine’s Day. In accordance with ancient traditions, single ladies performed certain tasks to impress potential suitors. During the festival, the Seven sisters, the girls showed their talents in domestic Affairs, for example, in embroidery, or cut melons.

The festival is dedicated to the memory of the sisters, where according to a legend. The youngest and most beautiful of the sisters and the shepherd in love with each other. When the mother of the sisters learned of the inappropriate Union, she made a river in the sky to divide a couple of the milky way. And this night bird flying on the sky and create a bridge to unite the lovers.

Where to go . Hong Kong, China

When . the seventh day of the seventh lunar month

Edinburgh international festival

Where else in the world to find such a special venue arts festival like Edinburgh. In the Scottish capital’s ancient castle like looking down from their stone bases on the town in the Gothic style. For three weeks in August, Edinburgh turns into the stage for the festival, devoted to classical music, Opera, theatre and dance.

But many visitors come here in Edinburgh with the Fridge is the largest theatre festival in the world. It looks more like the street view, where everyone can show their performance. Due to the absence of any restrictions, it attracts actors from all over the world, to put their sometimes bold and unusual performances.

In addition, during the same period there is a festival of books, movies. And the event ends with beautiful fireworks.

Where to go . Edinburgh, UK

When . the last three weeks of August


Shootout tomatoes sounds like the unhappy reaction of the public on the performance of bad actors, but in Spain, La Tomatina is a pretty fun holiday, in which you can participate anyone. To conduct the battle in the small town of buñol bring 140 tons of red ripe tomato and comes in the Plaza del Pueblo.

La Tomatina began in 1945, probably as a food fight between friends. Now this event attracts around 30,000 people. In addition to the battle of tomatoes as such is surprising how quickly the area is then cleaned hoses with clean water the road, and the shop owners remove the plastic protective shields.

If the question is where to go in August for You best, come in the area of the city, illuminated in the same film “Notting hill” with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. The carnival, held here, not as large as in Rio, but no less colorful. Its main participants – the representatives of the local Afro-Caribbean community. Participants in the Notting Hill carnival wearing different colorful costumes, Samba dance and otherwise show Caribbean culture and traditions. The event usually gathers a large number of spectators.

Tango festival

Buenos Aires and tango are the same inseparable among themselves, like a couple dancing tango. To celebrate this dance, the Argentine capital arranges this festival with various events held throughout the city. The event gives viewers the opportunity to see representations of the best tango dancers from all over the world. After watching dances, probably also will want to dance. The Festival spend tango free tango lessons for beginners – during the 10 days celebration.