Modern carnivals around the worlds

carnival masquerade

February is the month of carnivals. They are all over Europe (and not only), leaving an unforgettable mark in the hearts. Two weeks General merriment and celebration — who has ever seen it, experienced it, felt it, he will not forget for ever. sell the ink cartridges expensive

Carnival in Venice.

The Venice carnival takes place 40 days to Easter, “mardigra” — “day of repentance”, the first day of lent, but mass holidays start in two weeks to this, when the Central area of the city, Saint-Marc, flies the dove. In ancient times on the opening day of the carnival on a rope, fastened between the bell tower and the neighbouring Palace, allowed the prisoner, who showered from above the ground with rose petals. If the old lady reached the end, hoping for a good year, fell — was expecting bad times. Subsequently the prisoner has replaced acrobat, and then faux wood pigeon, from which the square flowers. 2001, the townspeople decided to revive the forgotten tradition — instead of artificial and dove over the rope again slid acrobat, dressed as an angel. In General, the carnival is a view in theatres, palaces, coffee houses and small play houses, this is a General atmosphere of celebration in the crowd of the common people mingle with aristocrats, and behind the masks won’t guess who where. Everywhere dancers and jugglers, vendors potions and roasted apples, the actors of the Commedia Del Arte and the snake charmers. In the city squares — “historical” concerts, fervency. Music and wine flow like water. In theaters coming carnival performances in the ancient palaces — points-masquerades for an elite audience. One of the most spectacular sights of the Venetian carnival parade of decorated boats and gondolas on the Grand canal. However, the carnival is not only a Venetian tradition. Such costumed events take place in many countries of the world.

The carnival in nice .

February on the Blue shore is already the beginning of spring. The temperature of the air comes in the afternoon to +20 °C, luxuriantly blooming Mimosa, sun, sea — think the very nature demands the holidays. And it is held annually in nice, with the exception became only the Second world war and the Gulf war (in 1991). And the first mention of the carnival in nice belongs to 1294, when Charles of Anjou, count of Provence, noted that there had fun days celebration. Now nice is a city that symbolizes luxury. Parades, a carnival procession in the evening, the battle of flowers on the Promenade des Anglaise, performances, concerts, prestigious banquets — it lasts a whole 15 days. His Majesty the carnival arrives at the Central square place Massena with honors, accompanied by his retinue, and while it is a fictional Board any recklessness. In the carnival of flowers Parade (the first was organized in 1876) involved 20 decorated trucks and about 600 giant big head dolls made especially for this event. “Battle of flowers” is a real procession: before you floats a caravan of trucks, each of which is completely shrouded with flowers. The most charming mannequin Blue coast in dresses, decorated with sparkling rhinestones and peers, with a smile, throwing flowers to the audience, which sits in the stands. Musical groups from different countries and street theater corpses drawn into the action of all the people. And tonight begins the Parade of lights. In a circle a Central place masséna is the panel with the carnival scenes. The final parade is held on Shrove Tuesday: according to the tradition, His Majesty the carnival is burned at the stake, which is usually laid out on the beach.

Carnival in the Canary Islands.

The celebration in the Canary Islands became the second in the world for the scale and popularity of the event after the carnival, held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Whoever would like to learn more about the history of the carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, have to go back to the XVIII century A wealthy island family spent in their homes costumed points, where people were dressed in funny clothes. Most likely, the tradition to wear a carnival mask was born in this city: on almost all fiestas women Santa Cruz de Tenerife on the street Pilar with hidden faces.

Not only know, but also ordinary people are also held in their towns carnivals, despite the fact that the government and the Church forbade the people to dance and make jokes, dressed in the “frivolous” costumes. The most important night of the celebration and that elect the carnival Queen. At none of the Queens in the world the term is short like hers, although over the outfit, intended for the lady of this title, teams of designers, designers and seamstresses working for many months. That’s how much time it takes to make a reality of unusual imagination and create a Royal suit, the weight of which sometimes reaches forty pounds.

And given the title of Queen of the most charming, the most beautiful and tough girl. The main feature of the carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife — dancing in the town square, which involved thousands of “masks”. Even those who just want to look at all side of the procession, which rhythmically move, still embroiled in a “case” for its inflammatory dances. The only thing that matters is your health and physical condition, after all, start dancing at 8 PM and continue nonstop (realized that could handle it) until morning.