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Barcelona spring – Events and weather in Barcelona in March, April, may

Events, and Weather in Spain

Barcelona – a special city, it is always interesting for tourists, regardless of the time of year on the calendar. Annually spring in Barcelona is different: it is surprising prematurely warm days, then suddenly creeps up with the rain. But in any case, the weather in Barcelona are warmer than in other parts of Europe. Besides, almost every weekend in the city is something spectacular.

Spring Barcelona special beautiful

Events and weather in Barcelona in March

Barcelona, located on the North-East coast “wild” of the Costa Brava, has a Mediterranean type of climate. The very definition of a “wild” was given because of the stormy, unpredictable weather, followed by conflicting winds in this area.

The first buds on the trees in Barcelona in March

However, March in Barcelona – a time jump of temperatures. And compared with previous months, in March noticeably warmer and sunnier. The average daily performance of the thermometer stands at 16 °C, the evening becomes cooler – 12°C, and at night the air is cooled to 7 °C.

For precipitation, on average, accounts for 9 days in March. 7 hour day allows you to enjoy the beauty of the scenery, but about bathing speech does not go yet – 14°C in the Mediterranean sea.

Barcelona is always something to celebrate. So, from 9 to 11 March in the city hosts a beer festival . This is part of a global trend, transforming an ordinary brewing in fashionable gastronomic event.

The announcement of the beer festival in Barcelona

The festival presents the best brewery in Spain and around the world. Visitors have the opportunity to try over 100 varieties of this intoxicating drink. The location: surrounded by magnificent medieval former monastery (now the hotel) «De Sant Agustí a”.

The main hero of the occasion – hop and foam

In March, the Spaniards participate in the carnival preceding Lent. In Catalonia it is called “Carnestoltes” . Russian version of carnival.

Colorful carnival in Barcelona

Universal celebrations open mythical hero “by Carnestoltes”, which after celebrating publicly burned at the stake.

Events and weather in Barcelona in April

In April in Barcelona there is a feeling that spring really has come into its own. Flowering Mimosa trees and hills dressed in green outfits. In General, life is slowly returning to the streets of the city.

Green and “live” Barcelona April

Although the nights are still cool (8 °C – 13 °C), in the afternoon the air warms up to 17 °C. After all, the city is experiencing up to 9 hours of sunlight per day. This is a fertile time for some water sports. The sea water remains cold – 15 °C.

Easter week is full of bright events. «Semana Santa” is a traditional Easter treats, a parade in the city centre, a colourful procession outside the square “Sant Agustí”, in the vicinity of the area ’s El Raval”.

Theatre performance on “the Semana Santa”

On April 23, the Catalans celebrate “Sant Jordi” . On this day men give women roses, and those, in turn, men – books. A Kind Of Valentine’s Day.

Flower shop like beehives on holiday “San Jordi”

Book stands in Barcelona holiday rent triple revenue!

In April opened in the city’s hundreds of night clubs and bars, so lovers of night life will not be bored.

Young people having fun in one of night clubs of Barcelona

Events and weather in Barcelona in may

May – the best time to visit the city, the beginning of the active season. In may not so humid in late August and very warm. In the afternoon the air temperature is 20 °C. at Night the temperature drops to 12 °C.

Summer heat in Barcelona may

The sun shines about 10 hours a day, so our main base in the city – this is the beach. The water of the sea warms up to 18°C. Those for whom she still seems cold, have a great opportunity to work on a beautiful Golden tan.

An exciting event may – known religious holiday “Corpus Christi” or “the body of the Lord” designed to bring the Catholic faith to as many people.

Religious procession on the feast of the “Corpus”

Colourful processions, traditional Spanish dancing, floral carpets – this is only a small part of what can be seen on this day.

From April 27 to may 6 in the “Parc del Fórum” festival of Andalusian culture «La Feria de Abril de Catalunya”.

Tasting of dishes of Andalusian cuisine

Cooking Andalusian dishes during “La Feria de Abril de Catalunya”

Hot, fresh baked goods at the festival – come and taste it

The evening concludes with concerts and various artistic rooms