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The Best carnivals of the world
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To paint on nails: beautiful designs for the holidays


Well-groomed manicure — it’s always beautiful and fashionable, because it not only favorably is manicured nail plate, but also allows you to harmoniously complete attention to all details. But what you can draw?

The pictures on the nails can be performed not only in the salon but at home, and the finished masterpieces diversify casual style, emphasize festive attire, cheer up and significantly increase their self-esteem. If a woman has a well maintained and eye-catching manicure, it means that it is immaculate throughout, also attracts attention because of its tidiness.

To learn how to do nail designs at home, it will not hurt to practice a little, because the first time the masterpieces on the nail plate will hardly flawless. However, before you start drawing, you need to put nail plate in proper form. It is recommended to give them the desired shape.

For example, a short nail plate can be made square or oval; and long it is best to do slightly pointed either in the form of a Crescent. It is also important to cut regrown the cuticle, so as not to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the entire manicure.

After that you can make beautiful nails. Resultimage to be different, but today especially welcome themed images, that is relevant to a particular holiday. Choose lacquer coating must be carefully, to preserve and extend the longevity of the manicure. Today’s huge range of varnishes, however, to give preference still stands «acrylic paint» able to create masterpieces on the nails.

Create any drawing takes time, and requires patience and perseverance. The process is similar but it is important to remember a few fundamental rules. First, you need to apply Foundation on the nail plate, giving preference to neutral, transparent, pale beige, pale pink and other pastel tones.

Secondly, any lacquer coating is always applied in two layers, to again extend the life of manicure. Thirdly, start drawing with the design of the canvas, which should be smooth and neat. Fourthly, each layer of the lacquer to dry thoroughly. Fifth, each new color is applied to the nail only when the previous completely dried out.

When such preparatory work will be finally completed, you can start to create the pattern. For drawing to choose a thin brush that every time to varnish, but make sure that it is not collected bubbles or lumps, otherwise the desired image may be distorted. After you create the masterpiece you should definitely use a special top coat that will retain manicure intact for longer period of time.

Any Charmer, having a luxury manicure should understand that even the best quality paints tend to eventually peel off or wear off. That is why it is extremely important care for the manicure. So, the drawings are beautiful nogitaclue every three days to cover the protective layer, also adding Shine. in addition, the maximum to protect themselves from close contact with water and, when necessary, use rubber gloves or a dishwasher.

So. if you have the desire to create your own nail plates is a true masterpiece, it’s time to stock up on all necessary tools. Here we will need many acrylic varnishes, nail files, brushes, paint, pebbles, glitter, colored sand, crystals, colored powder, and adhesive paper for making stencils.

In the question, which picture to choose, only your own imagination, as well as numerous Internet sites, which presents the most unexpected design. both natural and artificial nails. So, you can give preference to geometric images, in particular, the original strips, squares, rhombuses, triangles and zigzags.

However, in high esteem nowadays and abstract paintings, assembled in complex and intricate composition. Many young ladies prefer on the nail plate to depict the bright colors, national ornaments, extravagant patterns and themed symbols, with a special ability each nail has a unique design, unlike any other.

If the girl had not encountered such a painting, and the desire to have a great manicure is so overwhelming, it is best to start with basic songs to remember a few basic rules. so. when using three contrasting varnishes you can get expressive and colorful pattern that will attract attention.

If you need an everyday manicure, the Foundation is better to choose pastel colors. But in the case of the front exit, the basis of the drawing itself must be in harmony with the chosen clothes.

If you create a figure engaged in a beginner then in this case can only advise to start their work with abstractions, because this image to create on the nail plate is the easiest. in this case, the coating layer of base lacquer all of the nail plate, then apply a second coat.

While he is not yet completely dry, use a few drops of a contrasting lacquer, creating using toothpicks original abstract paintings. It can bytecity, patterns, branches, lines, geometric shapes and other elements. When the picture is hung to apply another layer of top coat and wait until it dries completely.

The finished design is sure to delight, because it was made according to the rules. It means. what manicure will last much longer.

So to create at home, the pictures on the nails — this is not a problem. Beginners it is important to remember that you should start with simple songs and not oversaturate the nail plate colours and shades.