Festival in the pagoda Anti
  Festival of the pagoda Anti runs from 15 January to 15 Martha on the lunar calendar in the border province of Quang Ninh. Iency is the name of a…

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The Orthodox world celebrates the Holy Trinity
Today, Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate one of their main holidays - the Holy Trinity - the fiftieth day after the Resurrection of Christ Pentecost is celebrated on the…

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The Most unusual rituals of the peoples of the world

In the world there are many countries, but even more in the world of different nationalities and cultures. We can say that all people are the same, but actually anywhere in the world you can find something that will surprise us or shock. Most of us carry strange customs of other Nations. It is about them, and improbable at first glance, the rituals we now describe.

“Spartan” selection

Interesting is the custom of “hardening” neonates born to Muslim population of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Local residents for the past five centuries shed their babies with special ritual wall 15 meters high. According to those who observe this tradition, so they provide health and success in later life. It should be noted that children do not fall to the ground below them caught in the stretched fabric.

Dirty wedding

In rural areas of Scotland remained a very strange custom to smear the bride in the products. In particular, before the wedding the girl coated with all sorts of rotten eggs, sauces, fat or flour. In different regions of the “ingredients” may be different, but the main criteria for their selection are stickiness and unpleasant smell.

The thrill

The most popular are exotic dishes. All travellers know what your special taste impressions need to travel to the countries of South-East Asia. Thus, during the vegetarian festival Phuket island in Thailand its visitors are in for a bloody ritual. By not eating meat, local residents, however, pierce both cheeks with a variety of needles and knives. This, according to them, will attract the favor of the gods.


Few know that in addition to the traditional rituals of burial, cremation and burying them in the ground – there is also the custom to feed the corpses of animals. So for hundreds of years do the inhabitants of one Tibetan Ganden monastery. They dismember the bodies of the dead and leave the remains in open terrain high in the mountains. It attracts vultures and other carnivores, which completely eat the corpse. Eaten and also bones, milled in advance.

Purification by fire

None of the religions does not require a person in the name of faith to burn yourself. However, in some traditions it is customary to use the fire as a “purifier” of the spirit. So, some monks Buddhist and Shinto temples in Japan periodically perform the ritual of “walking” over hot coals. They believe that in this way they are getting rid of fear and passions that hinder a person to reach enlightenment. It is worth noting that such rituals practiced by people from the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and North Africa.


In the same Japan there are several vulgar from the point of view of our culture tradition During a Shinto festival Honan Matsuri dedicated to the fertility, anyone can compete for the opportunity to carry on the town the phallus long 2.5 meters and weighing 25 pounds, which, according to legend, able to summon high yields, and to increase the birth rate in this locality.

Bloody “drinking”

Drinking animal blood is part of many cultures in different parts of our planet. And even among the indigenous population of Siberia is customary to drink some blood of the killed livestock. About the same adhere to the custom of the warriors of the Masai tribe living in Kenya. They cut the cow artery on the neck whipping and drink the blood straight from the open wound, mixing with her milk.

Initiation ritual

In traditional cultures to this day and are a special thrill to the maturing and hardening of the spirit of young men, and therefore retain their rites of initiation. Many of them can really shock the person of another society, but among them are the strangest. So, living in the Amazon jungle people contributed by Mave came up with a sophisticated way to check the resistance of adolescents. Them hands put on gloves, full of poisonous ants. The young guys have to endure unbearable bites for half an hour, dancing with with their own members (this helps them to distract from the pain). And these “sessions” can be several.

Christmas fun

It seems that the New year is the most free from religious rituals of the holiday, but there are cultural traditions that are still observed in many countries, including in the West.

So, Bulgaria shut down in the houses of light for a few minutes at the time of midnight, so that all had enough time to yalovets. And in Scotland before the advent of the New year, the whole family sits in front of the fire, whether it be a fireplace or a bonfire, to symbolically burn all the failures and troubles of the year.

In Ireland, the inhabitants of small towns and villages open the doors of their houses so that everyone could join in the celebration and General fun, and only 1 of January the Irish spend with relatives.

Residents of Germany under the midnight climb to any altitude tables or chairs – and at midnight, with the last kick joyfully jump, symbolically jumping from year to year with a smile on his face.