Hinamatsuri - girls holiday
  On March 3 in Japan there is amazing and very beautiful holiday Hinamatsuri (doll Festival) or girls Holiday. Hina is a little paper doll. To this day in every…

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Hinamatsuri - girls holiday
  On March 3 in Japan there is amazing and very beautiful holiday Hinamatsuri (doll Festival) or girls Holiday. Hina is a little paper doll. To this day in every…

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The Most beautiful places in Bulgaria

The very name of Bulgaria makes the picture beautiful and Sunny country. Golden beaches and picturesque mountains, pristine lakes, and lush hills, ancient cities and monuments, magnificent cuisine and wines, loud celebrations and festivals, vibrant nightlife, friendliness and genuine hospitality of the Bulgarians – all open to guests of the Rose of the Balkans.

In Bulgaria every tourist will find exactly what you need – anxious bliss beach holiday, adrenaline ski resort, hidden for centuries, the wisdom of the ancestors in the ancient caves, ancient temples, tranquility and beauty of natural reserves.

Attractions Sofia

Familiarity with the most beautiful and interesting places of Bulgaria starts with a visit to its capital the ancient city of Sofia, which translated from Greek means “wisdom”. Modern its name comes from the majestic and beautiful Cathedral of St. Sophia, in which more than 17 centuries Orthodox service is held.

We can say that in Sofia are concentrated many of the most beautiful places pearls and religious Orthodoxy – the St. George rotunda, St. Nedelya Church of Saints Sedmochislenitsi, memorial Church of St. Alexander Nevsky and many other religious and historical places.

We can not ignore the numerous museums and exhibition halls of Sofia, introducing the history, culture, fine arts and other ancient arts of the Bulgarians. Yes, and the capital itself, with its unique architecture is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The ancient town of Nessebar

Bet antiquity with Sofia (more than 3 thousand years proven history) maybe one of the oldest cities in Europe, located on the black sea town of Nessebar. This is the place for a fabulous vacation – warm clear sea, Golden beaches surrounded by high dunes, quaint white cliffs create an unforgettable landscapes, ancient architecture gives the resort medieval and unforgettable charm.

Stay in Nessebar allows you to combine marine entertainment with urban comfort, familiarity with the history of Europe with night revelry. Unique atmosphere in the city to create the remains of walls and the ancient harbour, old houses, small streets with cobblestones, the remains of medieval churches. Since 1983, UNESCO designated Nessebar in the world’s list of monuments.

The Golden Sands resort

Golden Sands – one of the most beautiful and popular resorts not only in Europe but in the world. It is located on the territory of the National Park Golden Sands, which tirelessly cares state. The combination of comfortable hotels and cozy private pensions, crystal-clear sea and Golden sand many beaches, clean environment and generous hospitality of the Bulgarians make this resort every year more and more popular among tourists. Its purity and safety of the rest said that Golden Sands has received the international award “Blue flag”. This resort, like many other beautiful places of Bulgaria, became an international center for children and youth recreation.

National Park Pirin

National Park Pirin (originally Vihren) was organized in 1962 with the aim of preserving Alpine forests and to date 6 times increased its area of 403 km2. This place is fabulously beautiful in any weather and time of year, the symbol of his mountain Edelweiss.

Some 70 glacial lakes, waterfalls, beautiful caves, rare and endemic plants, including relicts of the Pleistocene epoch, more than 1,300 species of plants, 300 species of mosses, many species of algae invariably attract the attention of visitors to Bulgaria. Since 1983, the Park Pirin is included in the list of UNESCO world heritage.

The fauna of the Park includes more than 2090 species of invertebrates, including rare, endemic, relict and endangered species, 6 species of fish, 11 species of reptiles and 8 species of amphibians, 45 species of mammals, including 12 species of bats, 160 species of birds.

Rose valley

Rose valley – the heart of Bulgaria. It is a beautiful place in the valley of the Tundzha river, the climate and the soil most favorable for the cultivation of this Queen of flowers, brought to Bulgaria by the Turks in the seventeenth century. Heavy rainfall from may to June and high humidity provide abundant flowering and preservation of the aromatic components of colors.

Since ancient times, the Bulgarians gather the petals and produce pink aromatic oil, which is considered one of the best in the world. Thanks to these fantastically beautiful flowers Bulgaria is often called the country of roses.

Rose valley is one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria. With fragrance the air, Sunny weather, studded with multi-colored roses of the field, which in the early morning of Bulgarian women gather magical crops, create a sense of the fairy tale.

Any city, resort, national Park or region of Bulgaria can be safely considered the most beautiful place on earth. Happy and generous country welcomes all its guests, exceeding all expectations.