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Top summer holidays Kirov region


Summer in our area for the holidays rich. Not a month – a celebration, and even more. And many take their origins from the distant past. They always celebrated with fun and panache. Today many of them are peculiar brands of the Kirov region.

Vyatka swintonia

This is a very ancient and unique Vyatka holiday, the first mention of which dates back to the early nineteenth century. According to the legend, the holiday was celebrated as a day of remembrance of those killed in fratricidal “hlynovsky battle” between the Vyatka and residents in the city of Vyatka and pagan customs were accompanied by whistling and dancing. It is no accident Swintonia was originally called “Pandemonium”.

Our ancestors began to celebrate Swisstony with the memorial service at Razdergannogo of the ravine. Morning they were devoted to prayer, and in the afternoon walked and had fun: singing songs, blowing whistles, fist fights, ate different foods, drank wine. This day was a job fair, to which Dymkovo masters prepared in advance: sculpted hollow clay balls — «sharise” and Dymkovo toys — the lady Cavaliers, bears, cows, horses, birds, did whistles.

Last Swintonia took place at the turn of the 1920-ies. In 1979, the elements of the holiday (fair, mass celebrations) were restored to the Day of Kirov city (June 12).

The Day Of Ivan Kupala

This holiday has its roots in the distant of our ancestors, the Slavs, though it was called then otherwise – Kupala – the feast of the Sun, the maturity of summer green mowing. In this festival people girded bands of flowers worn on the head wreaths of herbs, danced, sang songs. The most favorite pastime of young boys and girls in the Midsummer night was jumping over the fire.

Was considered, who will jump higher and won’t touch the flame, will be happy. The beliefs of the ancient people, in the Midsummer night was impossible to sleep, because in this night all the evil spirits out of their “dark” places (goblins, mermaids, werewolves, Fagot, brownies, water, etc.).

An interesting tradition of celebrating the day of Ivan Kupala was the search for “flower of fern’. In the old days, before the advent of Christianity, the holiday of Ivan Kupala associated with the summer solstice, which in the old style calendar was from 20 – 21 June. With the adoption of Christianity, the people have not rejected the holiday of Ivan Kupala, and dated it to the day of John the Baptist, who according to the old calendar falls on 24 June. New style calendar day of John the Baptist falls on July 7. Today many of the traditions prazdnova Day of Ivan Kupala lost, but the romance of it remains unchanged.

The festival of art song “Greenland”

“Greenland” – the all-Russian art song festival, held annually on the banks of the river Bistrica near village Basharova in the Kirov region. The name of the event comes from the name of the famous writer Alexander green, who was a native of Vyatka province. The first festival “Greenland” was held in 1986. It was there that he first heard the legendary song of Oleg mitiaeva “Bending guitar yellow…”.

Along with Dymkovo toys and Velikoretskaya religious Procession, he is one of three “business cards” of Vyatka (Kirov region). Traditionally in mid-July festival glade collects three days, hundreds of hikers, art songs, and outdoor activities. Moreover, the festival attracts bards from different regions of Russia and CIS.

Holiday craftsmen ’s Vyatka bast”

«Vyatka bast” is a festival of crafts. It is held in late July in the village of Kilmez, which actively develops the ancient craft – weaving from lime bast bast, who for many centuries were the Russian people’s shoes. Sandals and buy today. They say they can cure aching feet.

The main purpose of this event is the preservation of folk arts. According to the results of the National award in the sphere of event tourism «Russian Event Awards– 2012 in the category “Best project to promote folk traditions and crafts” festival of craftsmen ’s Vyatka bast” won first place.

National holiday “Istoben cucumber”

«Istoben cucumber” festival of folk art and humor. Traditionally it takes place in the ancient village Estebans on the Bank of the Vyatka river on the last Saturday of July. The pride of Stobinski are pickles, cultivation, salting and storage which – one of the unique features of this area.

They are salted in wooden barrels with the use of seasonings – dill, garlic, leaves of currant and oak. And store the barrels in rivers with spring water, which has a constantly low temperature. Thanks to this secret istoben cucumbers are famous all over the Russia for its special taste and aroma.

Holidays at Vyatka land lot, and every piece of our local history and the continuation of good traditions .