Valentine's Day - the story of the holiday
The tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day, aka Valentine's Day, came to us from the West. The lovers on this day people give each other gifts, tender, Valentines, and, of course,…

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The VIII international children festival "let's Change the world for the better
  16 active, energetic children from the city of Minsk took part in the VIII International children's festival "let's Change the world for the better!", organized by all-Ukrainian Fund of…

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Gymnastic festival SPACE TRAVEL

1. To improve the knowledge of children about space.

2. Fasten motor skills and skills for physical education class.

3. To develop creative thinking, imagination and fantasy, promoting improvisation, expressive movements, intonations, facial expressions and gestures.

4. To create a happy, festive mood in children.

5. To create an atmosphere of trust and interaction among children.

6. To develop a sense of patriotism and love of country.

Preliminary work.

1. Interviews about space and astronauts.

2. Learning music, games and poetic material.

3. Manufacturer of attributes for game exercises “Meteor”.

4. Drawing and making crafts on the theme of “Space”.

5. To learn a set of exercises to the tune of “the Grass at home”.

6. To learn with all the children the poem Arcadia of Hythe “Planet”.

Material. The models of the planets and the Sun, in the style of “nickolette”. Planar silver stars. Outdoor panels “the Orbit of the Solar system”. Planar symbols of the planets. Telescope. Costumes Astrologer, of Alien (for adults). the “Cosmic rays” (a surprise for the children). Magic box for surprises.

Equipment. Hoops and gymnastic sticks, trampolines, gymnastic mats, two baskets, a large part of the constructor, split the picture in 16 parts,

The design of the hall. The gym has the atmosphere of outer space. On the ceiling hung a volumetric models of the Sun, planets, solar system, planar stars. The Central wall is a starry sky; in the sky a spaceship, the astronaut.

The course of holidays.

The children go into the hall to the music of “March of the astronauts” (feat. A. Rybnikov) in shape having a circle around the room, sit on the seats.

In the hall the astrologer appears, he walks to the telescope, considering the “sky”.

The astrologer (moderator): Hello! Recognize me? Yes, I’m an astrologer. What do you want to tell, my dear children? You’ve seen the stars in the sky? Well, what we know about them?

Children. Stars are hot balls, they are great, light, but we see them small because they are very far away from us.

Astrologer. Name me the most famous and biggest star. Did you know that? It’s The Sun. Yes, the Sun is also a star?

Astrologer. We knew very little about space flight to the first man in space. And you know who was the first astronaut?

Children. The first astronaut was Yuri Gagarin.

Astrologer . Correctly. Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was the first to make the rocket turn around the Earth and landed safely. Maybe you know the verses about the first cosmonaut? About space? About the planet?

Children read poems.

1. When on the Ground he returned,

After a stellar case

So toothy smile,

The smile was so heat.

In her only kindness and strength

Not a drop of excellence there.

Saturn is a beautiful planet

Yellow-orange color,

And rings of rock and ice

She is always surrounded.

The planet Neptune from Earth away,

To see it in a telescope is not easy,

Planet from the Sun is the eighth,

There reigns the winter ice.

(Sharygina) Children reading the poem Soriginal holding planar images of the planets.

Astrologer. And you want to be space explorers? Want to visit space? (Children are happy to agree.)

If the space you want

So soon fly!

First in the world will be ours

Friendly baby carriage.

The children perform the song “I can’t Wait to grow up”.

Astrologer. Once we gathered on the flight – it is necessary to build.

Musical accompaniment children build three series of hoops and gymnastic sticks.

Astrologer . And now we, the children, fly on a rocket.

Children (in chorus). The best in the world, the spaceship takes flight! So, say: «10, 9, 8, 7,6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, START!” (under the children take account hoops, then the noise of the flying missiles)

Children work together to perform rhythmic movements, simulating flight in space. Sounds in the recording of the song “the Grass at home” group “Earthlings.

Astrologer. Attention! We flew to the moon! Guys, the Moon is a star? (The children answer).

Let’s stop here a little and ride the lunar Rover. The children have removed the hoops and gymnastic sticks.

Relay “Rover” Children are built in three columns, arms along the body, legs wide apart. The last child crawls on the “corridor” and gets ahead. The winner is the first team to get to the place marked with a cone.

Astrologer. Have a nice ride! Now the journey! Now we jump in WEIGHTLESSNESS.

Jump in weightlessness. Children building a line and rebuilt in two of trampolines. At the signal, start to jump on the trampoline and vigorously to jump on the Mat. The competition is conducted without the competitive element.

Astrologer. Guys, we’re in big trouble, we are caught in a meteor shower. Meteors are the debris of various sizes, and the biggest threaten our spaceship.

We need to bring them down so they don’t hurt our spaceship!

Competition “Meteor” Children line up in a row, marked with a line cord, each of them is holding a small ball. In front of the kids at a distance of 4-5 meters located racks, which are mounted on cardboard “meteor”. Children need to knock down all the small meteorites balls. Exercise in throwing continues until, until all the children will take part.

Astrologer. So in-flight entertainment, riddles have to guess.

1.The coals are glowing

Scoop did not get it.

At night you can see them,

And the day is not in sight. (Stars.)