The Best carnivals of the world
Carnival is a holiday, the main signs of which are colorful costumes, theatrical processions, loud music and merriment. It has the same roots, preserved from the times of paganism, and…

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Top summer holidays Kirov region
  Summer in our area for the holidays rich. Not a month – a celebration, and even more. And many take their origins from the distant past. They always celebrated…

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Barcelona have selected the best buildings of the world


From 22 to 24 October in Barcelona hosted the first world architecture festival, which attracted more than five hundred projects from all over the planet. Their achievements in the field of architecture and reconstruction of monuments of architecture and building energy saving designs demonstrated around 30 countries. A prestigious jury at the end of this show called “International building of the year”.

The concept of the world architecture festival is simple and yet attractive. Every year the organizers plan to gather under one roof all the most interesting projects that have appeared on the planet. Inclusive architectural practice guarantee 17 sections, vmestivshy all the main typologies of buildings, other civil engineering structures up to the cult. Among the nominated categories included and resort facilities, and social and cultural. In a separate section were allocated to such popular modern architectural genres, such as shopping centers, office complexes, apartment houses and, of course, private mansions. It is easy to assume that it is in the last category were to prevail fantasy objects, but, oddly enough, in practice it was otherwise.

To the credit of modern designers it is worth noting that the place of architectural delights they find in any genre, whether it be a hospital, nursing home, social housing, temple or even… the sheepfold (project workshop 70F Architecture won the award for Pleasure) and the project of reconstruction of a managed landfill (La Vall d’en Joan near Barcelona workshop Batlle & Roig Architects).

The projects are presented in as simple and concise manner: for each assigned two small tablet that is sufficient for the publication of several characteristic images and the most important plans and drawings. This approach to the exhibition not only helped to unify the presentation of information on the nominees, but also to make it as cheap. Generally on VAF underlined the efficiency and thoughtfulness of the event: not one cent of the budget was spent on showy gestures. The festival was attended by discussions on the most burning issue for the architectural community topics, project presentations-nominees, the work of the jury. The festival wasn’t even directory – all information about the participants of the contest can be found on his official website. Such extremely rationalistic approach of the organizers allowed us to concentrate on the architecture, it and elevating her to the rank of the main character of the festival.

The building, recognized as the best in their categories, have a chance to be contenders for the Grand Prix of the festival – “International building of the year”. This prestigious title implies that the object will not only become a new landmark of the city and the country, but also a kind of standard of construction in the near future. Of course, it should be noted that the winners in different categories were very different from each other in quality architectural and engineering solutions, scale, star authors. Often they were almost incomparable, and this is the main reproach that the festival organizers received numerous architectural press. Creations by Norman foster and young architects really hardly can be compared between themselves seriously, but, on the other hand, for the latter the opportunity to present their work together with the designer number one – a great chance to Express yourself.

In the category “Public building” was named best international Convention center in Guangzhou Baiyun Belgian ’s Bureau II” in the category “Nature” – Olympic sculpture Park in Seattle Bureau of Weiss/Manfredi Architects. The most interesting cultural facility of the year jury has announced a new Opera house in Oslo, built by the project of the Bureau “Snohetta”. Theatre – the full volume established by several dynamic lines – is located on a small Peninsula, a platform jutting out into the space of the fjord. From the outside it seems that the roof of the theatre rises straight from the sea – it is lined with panels of Carrara marble, and the panoramic Windows are wood paneled foyer offers a breathtaking view of the sea.

In the category of “Housing” the experts recognized the best of the Copenhagen residential complex Mountain Dwellings BIG workshop that looks really reminiscent of a small ridge of mountains in which the roof of the lower floors are the gardens and terraces of the upper floors. The similarity with the mountains enhance the overall color palette of the complex and its aggressive plastic. Best shopping centre was named K:fem workshop in Stockholm Wingardh Arkitektkontor AB, best modern temple – the Church Dornbusch in Frankfurt am main workshop Meixner Schluter Wendt Architekten. The most unusual private house – this is the Final Wooden House, Kumamoto Bureau of Sou Fujimoto Architects, is most similar to a pile of wooden bars are the same. There are among the winners of the festival and unconditional stars: in the category “Transport” won the Hungerburgbahn cable car – Nordpark in Innsbruck Zaha Hadid, and is in the category of «Old and new” – reconstruction of the courtyard of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington by Norman foster.