Holiday Scenario “Goes the summer on the planet


Objective: to Create a joyful, emotional mood and contribute to the development of the desire to engage in physical exercise, music and dancing.


Develop agility, speed of movements, the ability to navigate in space;

To continue work on the education of cultural and hygienic skills;

To consolidate the ability of children to answer questions in a concise and common forms;

To develop the emotional sphere of the child, his musical ear;

Form of performance skills in singing, movement;

To educate children in the basic skills of a healthy lifestyle;

To develop creative abilities;

To raise interest in the movements and a healthy lifestyle, organization; autonomy, the ability to maintain friendly relationships with their peers.

Equipment: colored ribbons, jewelry, hats, flowers, artificial flowers, 2 pairs of fur gloves, cones, 2 baskets, beanie cock, parasol, 7 colored gymnastic ribbons.


Adults: Summer, Carlson, Veterinarian. Aunt Nepogoda.

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Facts about the Venetian carnival


Known to all (the ignorant are we gonna get around)

Fun Catholic tradition

To walk in full before a Holy lent,

The risk of becoming prey to the evil one.

Sin no more safely, to repent later!

Without rank differences and decency

All to experience the rush and young and old:

Love, gluttony, drunkenness, masquerade.

These lines of Byron devoted, of course, one of the most colourful spectacles on Earth – Venice carnival.

The birthplace of carnival began in the IX-X centuries large independent European cities. First it was Italy: rich Venice was most conducive to the holiday. And the word “carnival” originally of Italian descent: carne – meat, vale – “farewell”. All because of the timing of the holiday, the first mention in the chronicle which refers to 1094. The last day of the carnival in Venice was called Fat Tuesday. Because the next day began a forty day fast before Easter.

Public holiday carnival made the Senate of the Venetian Republic in its decision dated 1296. By this time formed and its traditions, primarily associated with the wearing of masks. Thus were eliminated unshakable otherwise, the social framework, temporarily canceled everyday life tips. Under Continue reading